Windows 10 Convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss

I tried another usb drive it took a full 5 mins to load with the other drive connected , i was checking my email and got the shutting down sign which went on quite a while . I unplugged the other drive and it shut down as normal .
As long as you don't check that drive on another system we are not sure whether it is the drive or your system.
Suppose you get a new drive and stil get the same result....
I see 'Passed' as result, so disk is OK?
Yes its ok , but it still took 5mins to load with the other drive connected . I will have to phone the number he gave me for support and let them sort it , I would rather get in touch using emails then you know the details are correct .
If the drive is ok, a new drive won't help. I think I would concentrate on a computer problem, drivers, hardware..
Again, please check it, with any additions you used, or have it checked.
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Return on that website .


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This discussion is getting long, I lost track of your configuration, as I admitted earlier. What is the other disk, how are they connected to what kind of computer. Again, please, help and give us the specifications and any thing that else that could help.
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I realise it could be the other hard drive , i put another in that showed it took 1 or 2 mins to load . How do i reach my files this has been trying for an hour now .


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Without an spcification of your systen, we are unable to help.
Please, for once, answer that question. :pray:
When i tried to shut it down the shutting down sign was on forever and a day , as soon as i unplugged the other hard drive it shut down as normal . The same hard drive which took 2mins to load when connected to this drive was on for more than 10mins as soon as i unplugged it it loaded as normal . I don't think both hard drives are faulty just the new one .
Without an specification of your system, we are unable to help.
Please, for once, answer that question. For your information , i posted my specs about 4 years ago everything is just the same . The only thing i waste money on are shitty hard drives that are faulty .
Since you are familiar with EaseUS, I'd recommend that if it's not too late you make a System Image and store it on another drive plus let it make a boot disk before you go any farther.
At least, if things go bad, you can recover your current installation.

I use EaseUS Todo backup and recover. It's free, and it's always worked for me.