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Windows 10 Convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss

The only thing i seem to do is play spider , EaseUS partition manager wiped my files when i was trying to convert to gpt . Then i realised my windows 10 dvd was always loading as mbr i didn't matter what i tried . I have since converted my dvd to a usb drive and converted it to gpt with rufus 18 .
When recovering folders i just connected the hard drive , to my main drive and took what was wanted .
I always wonder why I get messages in my email about posts this old. I should pay more attention to the dates.
I tried to load windows with 2 hard drives connected , i got scanning c drive . For over an hour i got the same message

Scanning and repairing drive C 100% complete , i thought when i unplugged the other drive it would have loaded as normal but i had to keep the start button and restart it .​

I tried to load windows with the new hard drive first , i got preparing auto-matic repair and i ended up on the other drive instead .

When installing Windows on a Hard Drive, and you have more than one, it's always better to unplug the one that Windows isn't on.
That way if there is an error it won't affect the other drive, and you will be sure which drive you are working on.
Also, you will know what drive the boot sector is on for sure.

Once you have Windows installed booting and working normally, then plug the other drive back in, it should appear in File Manager and work normally.

I always do this when installing new Windows on a computer with multiple drives. You only have to unplug the power cord, and afterward you just have to plug the power cord back in where you removed it from.

It only takes a few minutes, and it's worth knowing that you can't get the drives mixed up.

If you don't know which drive is which, unplug one and try and reboot, if it won't, that's the one that has the OS on it.
On this other drive i have Open Sea Chest , i dont know if i'v used it properly , i right clicked and chose run as administrator seconds later i got disk 2 is defective . I don't know which is disk 2 .


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    Disk 2 is defective.PNG
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I always install windows on a seperate drive , it keeps you from putting it where it shouldn't be and losing folders etc .
I'm not sure what you are trying to do, I guess, are you trying to reinstall Windows or transfer an installation from another drive?
My Windows is on its own partition, of 200 GB. No other software on the partition.

I do it so I can replace the system image in just a few minutes and fix anything that's broken.
I really was in doubt whether this thread is seriously meant or just a long joke.)
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I'v just transfered Open Sea Chest to this new hard drive , right clicked run as admistrator and got disk 2 is defective . The new hard drive is the only drive connected so it must be dodgey . If i have used the software correctly .
thank you mine is the pro version (easus ) my own downloaded from there own website , it's supposed to be the latest version . | have tried it went something like right click the drive convert to gpt , it done a few motions and my drive is still mbr .
Were you trying to convert to gpt ? , it was my own windows dvd itself that was making it load as mbr .Once i loaded it to a usb drive everything was alright i took a disk image file from my dvd and converted it to gpt with rufus 3.18 . If that's what you want to do , read this thread all the info is here .
I sent the hard drive back on 4th of july they sent an email saying they received it on the 5th , i contacted them on fri 15th to see when i might get my hard drive back . It also cost me £8-95 to return it ,thought the warranty lasted 4 or 5 years , and all returns would be free . at first she said i would get a replacement hard drive if i wanted . The total price is £343.49 an extra £53.50 , how can someone charge you extra when you paid full price for the hard drive in the first place pure GREED . I asked to refund my money .They must think i'm the thickest person on the planet second probably .