Critical Kernel-Power ID 41 Task 63 Crash


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kernel-power 41

Do you have the latest BIOs updates?
Check your manufacturers website.
BIOS is up to date. All drivers are up to date. Seems like when you do something to your system it behaves for awhile. I see comments that someone did something and it seems to have solved the problem, just wait it will getcha. I put a new drive in, nothing on it yet, just a replacement for one that crashed. System has been good for three days now, but I know that it will sneak up and get me when I least expect it. Wish Microsoft would look into this as it really sounds like their problem. I was thinking of buying a new system, but how do I know that I will not have it with the new one. Linux is looking better and better.


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I second the thought, though it's not a requirement. If you notice problems, then you probably should.

Update: been 3 days now and not a single crash. Can pretty much call this case solved.

Thanks for the help!


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Sounds good. as for the other user, keep us posted.

Just when i think all is well....

Ive just gotten another 2 kernel-power 41 63 crashes while playing assassins creed 2.

And i have no idea why ><


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Maybe this is related to your power supply?
How many volts is it?
If it's not powerful enough to run these games etc it can produce a number of problems,


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OK, yes that's definitely powerful enough. :|

the crash still has only happened in Assassins Creed 2. havent had it happen anywhere else.

Any ideas anyone?


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Only when playing assassins creed 2?
try changing the graphic settings to a lower profile in the game, and play it.


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I have been having this for quite some time. Been on most of the forums and tried lots of suggestions. Nothing has helped. As far as I can tell NOBODY has a solution. Several times after making a change it stoped for a couple of days but always came back. Last night it was going down every fifteen minutes. I have reformated drives, replaced drives, replaced memory, swaped components with anoter computer, put in a new video card, updated BIOS, made sure all driver are up to date, reseated all components. I am now going to buy a new computer with the restriction that if is has a Kernel-Power error the supplied will take it back and give me a full refund. I belive that it is hardware related to Win7, something with a check that win7 is doing and not liking the results, like maybe a voltage out of the range Win7 expects.

maestro, yes, this "error" comes up when your system is unexpectedly losing power or restarting - usually a hardware issue and not 7! In case you overclock that might be the reason for it.

Agent Data is very correct. I even had a motherboard with failed, leaky capacitors that exhibited this problem. See, the power wasn't being regulated to the processor correctly because of it, thus causing this. It can be for any reason from dirty input power, cheap psu, failed components....any reason at all why power may have been lost to the cpu.

Hi to all
i had same problem lots of time before. i finally recognized that the problem occurs becouse of net framework problems. i solved my problem in 3 steps:

1. installed net framework 4.0 beta 2 from microsoft's offical site
2. update my graphic and sound drivers to latest versions
3. turned off "high definition audio device " in the device manager (if you have multiple devices like "ati high definition device" and "high definition device" listed in the device manager if you have just one device dont do anything)

sorry for my poor english.
i just want to participate because i got mad because of this problem.
hope it works with you too.

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