Customise Folder Not Working


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Hello, i recently noticed that my customise folder options are not working anymore and i have to manually change the columns of each folder instead of applying the settings to the folders i want via the customise tab.

For example instead of size, date modified etc i want to make folders for music but nothing changes when i apply via the customise tab so i have to go into the folder and manually select contributing artist, album, title etc

Worse yet this also resets so in my music folder it defaults back to date modified, size etc when i want the columns for music, very annoying especially when you have loads of folders full of music

Please check pictures for example:




Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1903
Build: 18362.239

i7 6700k, M.2, 16GB Ram. GTX 1080

Many thanks


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This was solved on another forum but for anyone having the same issue I was told to simply reset folder view settings in windows (google how to) and it totally worked, I am now able to change and keep columns and apply to sub-folders like before, I think the latest windows update borked something but all seems fine now, many thanks.

Shayla Blackthorn

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After you change one folder you can change ALL the same type folder in one swoop... Arrange your folder the way you like, including column sizes, order and which ones you want.
From the view> then "Options" icon in the ribbon bar... Click then the View Tab at top of the window that opens and click "Apply to Folder" button. All folders that windows deems to be a music folder for example will then have the same layout and columns. Great for picture folders too!