Windows 7 Error when installing Windows 7


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I'm reinstalling Windows 7 on a computer(Desktop) than originally came with it. Once I made it to the installation process, it went through "Copying files" in a snap. Then, it went to expanding files and that's when the error popped up.

"Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart in the installation."

I know for a fact it isn't the disk, because I just freshly installed Windows 7 with the same disk on used my Laptop, which might I add is being used to type this very thread.

I've already tested the rams without one another and that's not the problem.
I've reburned the iso on the disk; as well as redownloaded the iso itself.

Any ideas on how to fix this? eMachine EL 1850-42w (Computer/model)
There might be a problem with your hard disk. Can you run a check disk on your hard drive to make sure there are not any problems with it? Here is how to run a check disk from the Windows 7 install : ( I know its shows for Windows Vista but its about the same thing)
I've had the same kind of problems with Windows 7, never had them with Windows 95> XP.

1. Preferably have your system disk cleared and partitioned BEFORE you start installing
2. If you have several disks, it might be wise to unplug all but the intended system one
3. Of course, be sure your boot sequence is correct
4. Run it again and again...

If I could make it work, I would. Cheerio.