????.exe has stopped working

I am getting these random ".exe has stopped working" windows pop up, they are all random 12 digit .exe's. all alphabetic no numbers.
Random Virus Window.png

i have Trend Mirco Titanium Maximum Security 2012. Trend hasn't failed me ever.
i also used Sophos Virus Removal Tool and it found 2 malware. supposedly it got rid of them.
any idea as to what my problem is and how to fix it?
anyone seen this before?


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......quote: i also used Sophos Virus Removal Tool and it found 2 malware. supposedly it got rid of them......

"supposedly"? I do not have Sophos. Did you manually click the remove button or option of that nature?

I cannot find that exe file name anywhere in the web. As you have suspected, it could very well be malware/virus.

If you don't mind, please install a FREE version of Malwarebytes and run full scan with it.

yes i manually clicked the remove button. but my problem still persists.

i also cannot find the same file name anywhere on the web. but the file name changes. its not always the "qdrvyaqmxorn.exe" but a different .exe of the random letters.

i will see what malwarebytes detects.


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It's harassment, can't even be found with a search. Besides doing scans, I recommend you check what programs you have installed lately, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features, or Revo Uninstaller.

More and more stuff seem to come uninvited with programs one install. Unfortunate, but true.

I guess I got rid of the problem. When the popup came up I went to the process via task mngr and ended all instances of it. Seems to work now. So not sure if it is a permanent fix.

Using task mgr. just stopped the process from running at that current time. It is still installed some where on your system. I would recommend running Malwarebytes Pro....using its free trial period to run full scan.


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I agree with bassfisher.

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