Insider Preview Fix for 0x80246007 unable to update OneNote apps in Windows 10


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Hey all,

Surface Pro 3 user here who dual boots Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Technical Preview.
In the latest build, when checking for updates to apps, OneNote can not be updated due to the version installed actually being newer (and less functional) than the latest Store release. This can be an inconvenience to say the least so there is a fix for this.

Start cmd as an admin and then type Powershell to enter Windows Powershell. Once in Powershell, copy and paste (yes this is new in Windows 10!) the following command (without quotes):
"get-appxpackage ** | remove-appxpackage"

Followed by "remove-appxprovisionedpackage –Online –PackageName Microsoft.Office.OneNote_2014.919.2035.737_neutral_~_8wekyb3d8bbwe"

Now close any instances of Windows Store using Task Manager and then reopen the store and install OneNote.

This will fully remove the preinstalled version of OneNote and replace it with the current Store version. This should work for any other apps for which you're experiencing similar error codes, but you'll need their unique identifiers.