Frequent BSOD even after replacing mobo and CPU

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Okay, I copied the newer ASACPI.sys over successfully in safe mode, and rebooted. So, exactly what do I click on on that nvidia page now?

addendum: Okay, I see nForce in the first radio box... but have no idea what to set the rest of the radio boxes. And selecting Option 2 and clicking the Motherboard button tells me it can't identify what ones I need, and directs me to enter that stuff manually again.... but since I have no idea what chipset I'm supposed to be setting it for... oO

addendum2: Just dug out the box my mobo came in to look at the mobo book and stuff... and there's an install DVD calling itself M2N68-AM PLUS, and it calls itself nVidea GeForce 7025/nForce 630a Chipset Support DVD Rev520.07. Duh! :redface:

Install from that? :)

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Well, tried to install the drivers from the DVD, using its installer, and after awhile of it just giving me the hourglass, I got a BSOD.

Minidump attached.


Well, tried to install the drivers from the DVD, using its installer, and after awhile of it just giving me the hourglass, I got a BSOD.

Minidump attached.
Not a good idea at all. Now you need to install the video driver from NVIDIA's site.

Then immediately after, replace the memory. Don't bother with anything else.

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It's 3am here... no stores are open right now for me to buy new memory at. oO

Yep, I hear that. My point is that no need really to do anything else as it may be only going in the wrong direction.

So basically, use the pc and let it crash as it will or leave it sit until you do replace the memory.

Good luck with it and if you have any further problems after doing so, please let us know. (Very unlikely. Maybe still need to install NVIDIA chipset drivers but probably not.)

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In any event, the machine has gone back into it's bluescreen, reboot, bluescreen, reboot loop, so I've shut it off for the night. :-L

Guess we'll pick this back up in a day or so... ~X(

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Okay, I've placed new RAM into the machine and restarted it. I have downloaded the nForce drivers, and I guess now will download the video drivers.

What I had done last night was, I had inserted the ASUS M2N68-AM Plus motherboard-support CD, and on the pane that came up, I had clicked the button that said NVIDIA nForce Chipset Driver, it opened a tiny sliver of a window saying... I forget what exactly, something about installing, or gathering to install, or something.... and then just gave me the hourglass. And then several moments later, after no clear sign anything was happening. BOOM! BSOD!

Would I be better off letting the CD install everything? It has a beveled button saying ASUS InstAll, and under that it has plain-link-type buttons saying:

  • NVIDIA nForce Chipset Driver
  • Realtek Audio Driver
  • Norton Internet Security 2009

Obviously, I don't want Norton installed....

Clicking ASUS InstAll brings up a window where I can choose standard install or custom install, and in custom I can check or uncheck the three items listed above.

No, you don't want anything from the cd. You can throw it away.

Install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard from ASUS' site.

Hopefully that will do the trick. If not, you can post new crashes, but then the motherboard may have a bad RAM slot.

(Or maybe something was installed since, that is messing up. Crash dumps will tell more.)

Check the bios settings so that the memory settings are set automatically and none manually.

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