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May 29, 2009
One of my recurring problems when I have to reinstall my email client is getting it to work properly with Gmail. It isn't because that is so difficult, but simply because I can't properly remember all of the settings.

This is the task at hand, since I've just done a clean install of Windows 7, but it appears that I either set the username or password incorrectly, so I rebooted to the old installation to see if I could determine what they should be.

The email client encrypts the password, so it isn't visible. Therefore I went online to Gmail to see if I could recover it there, but they have remodel it to the point that I can find no means of doing so, nor a means of contacting them.

My attempts to reset these to other combinations that I sometimes use has failed. Short of blindly continuing to do so by trial and error, which gets flustrating, does anyone have any ideas of how to solve the problem? I didn't even find a means to reset the username or password on the Gmail website.
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