HELP FAST!!!! [Windows 10 Installation]

Hi, my computer had many viruses and i could not enter google services like google and youtube and these sites.
So, i choosed to reinstall my windows os from the control panel!
But, the installation was stuck on 14% in about 8 hours or somethings...
Then i turned my computer off, And when i started it, then it couldn't boot up windows.

So, i installed Windows 10 on a usb stick, and that doesn't work, i tried with over 8 linux distros, that either dont work...

And now i'm stuck, i had edited boot setup in the bios and that, but the error is:

An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any devices that don't contain an operating system.
Press any key to restart

Thats coming up with black backrgound...
And i have tried to use that usb in my other old computer, that's work, but not with the new computer...
Please help me...

No computer = No life :(

Guys, i fixed my computer :D


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Hey, that's great you fixed it! If you get a minute, can you use your now working PC to post back and let us know what the solution was to your problem?:up:

Best of luck,

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