Windows 10 Help with not installing backround updates?

So everyone else has been getting backround updates for the new windows 10 if you have reserved a copy of it. However, I noticed that for me it isnt installing and I found out why. this picture shows you that I have windows 10 reserved on my laptop. You can also see it says Updates were installed: 7:21 PM (Failed). That means it tried to install the backround update but failed. Does anyone know why?

And sorry if you think I'm worrying too much and this is a stupid thread since windows 10 hasn't even come out yet, but im just worried I won't get a copy of it since this is not working.


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as long as you have a copy reserved you'll be fine. I'm seeing the failed update too as are my friends and colleagues. We think it's simply a part of the upgrade process which hasn't been unlocked yet. As soon as it's unlocked then those failed updates or installations will probably stop.
And no your thread isn't silly in the slightest thats what we are here for.. :)

Okay thanks

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