how to get rid of tounchscreen hints? (on a desktop)


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I'm on a desktop, so I don't want to get any of those hints of what wonderfull things I could do if this was on a touchscreen.

why would it show these things on a non-touchscreen anyway?! o_O

I can not click this away! help! drives me mad. can't work like this.:furious:

Is there some setting to disable these hints and the sidebars that slide in from left and right?


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They do appear on a non-touchscreen, but have you tried just doing what they suggest using the mouse?


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yes, and then it is telling me I'm doing it wrong! :waah:

The above image says I can wipe from the side to go the previous app. When I do that with the mouse, it tells me I should start from outside the screen!!! :furious:

Obviously this OS has been made for tablets. This should not be sold for desktops. :vomit:

I want all those hints and charmbars totally gone. I worked pretty much all day with all my windows 400px to the right to avoid the above message. This is stupid and totally frustrating rubish. I'm real angry. :mad:

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Well, all it took for me seemed to be moving the mouse along the arrow such as into the upper left corner. I did not swipe, just went to where the arrow pointed.


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The problems you have been having so far, on this and other threads, sure indicate a corrupted OS. From where did you get it, and what does it say on the version name?


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I haven't seen any of these.

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I've run Classic Shell from the start.
It was the very first thing I did when I booted my new computer.

Maybe it blocks them somehow.
Anyway if you don't like the Windows 8 interface, (and I don't) then try Classic Shell and go back to running your computer like Windows 7, or in my case like Windows XP.

It's worth a try anyway, you can turn is off with a click so there's no hassle involved.
And you can still access the Windows 8 interface anytime you want.

I've actually used Classic Shell since I got Windows 7 years ago.
I didn't like the scrolling start menu and wanted the multi pane list back.

I also use RocketDock, another free add on that I find very useful.

This is the only window that I need to see 99% of the time, I can start everything I normally use from here.

I do still occasionally use the Windows 8 screen, it comes in handy when I want to find some obscure program that isn't on my custom start menu.

I have over 100 software programs installed so it can be a problem sometimes when I want to find something I haven't used in months.

Then having a screen that shows absolutely everything on my computer comes in handy.


Ps. The desktop theme is one I made that has every interesting car that my wife and I have owned.
It has 18 cars in it, and doesn't cover the non sporty things, like our VW diesel station wagon or Saturn Vue. LOL


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I seriously tried to get used to the missing start-button for a few weeks. But it is just too ugly and annoying. So I installed
Classic shell to get the start button back.
Classic shell also has the option to totally get rid of the charmbars !!!
And there are also option to improve the file-manager (no more fading icons, so you can actually see a folder contains another folder).
I'm very happy I found this app. But if the next version of windows is this much trouble again, I'm moving to Linux Mint. I'm never again going to pay money for 1/2 an OS which is clearly not programmed or designed to be used on a laptop.


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I'm glad that Classic Shell helped.

As I said, I've used it for a long time, (since Windows 7 came out) and it really pretty much gets rid of all the issues with Windows 8 on a PC.

You might also be interested in RocketDock.

It's the bar near the bottom of my desktop, it organises the links for all the programs that I commonly use.

I have it organised from right to left, games, computer maintenance software, graphic arts and video software, and on the left a couple of computer access links.

One click opens any of these.

I use the Task Bar for things that I sometimes need to open when I'm in an open program or online, like Skype, Snipping Tool, my search tool Agent Ransack, Word, Fraps, etc. plus any overflow from RocketDock.

I've used the same setup for years and don't even have to think about where things are anymore.


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