How to reformat to manufacturers default? With disks

The day I got my Asus laptop I created back up onto 5 disks (because that's how many was required). Now my computer has been acting very weird and I just wanna reformat it from 0. As if I just recieved my computer. I don't want any help on what I could or should do. My mind is 100% on resetting it to manufacturers default. I have been looking around but I can't seem to do it. When I put the first disk in, I restart the computer and click esc when " ASUS " pops up. I go to the second option and select it. It goes to where it uses the cd to reset it but it says that it cannot find it. And its in the cd driver. Wtf do I do. I really need to just reset the laptop exactly to manufacturers default.


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The recovery disks are only required in the case of major hard drive failure. You should be able to run a much faster and more simple recovery directly from the recovery partition on the hard drive which you access by pressing F9 during startup.


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Some backups may require the last DVD to be installed. In fact, Windows Backup will ask for the final DVD when re-imaging for a DVD backup.

If not that, what model system do you have. The phrase "On Some Models" included in instructions on system recovery make it hard to decide what might work if you do not know what model, and we do not, yet... :)


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Asus System Recovery:
  • Turn on the notebook, Press F9 when you see the ASUS logo, and then choose the second item to recover OS to the first partition.
  • Press [F9] during bootup (requires a Recovery Partition)
  • Press [Enter] to select Windows Setup [EMS Enabled]
  • Read the “ASUS Preload Wizard” screen and click Next.
  • Select a partition option and click Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process.

And this...

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support-
If you are going to do this it might be a good idea to use the 2 partition option, in the future you could do this without deleting your data files if they are placed on the second partition.


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I had the same problem with my Asus N53JF. Despite creating (and validating) my 5 set recovery DVDs when I tried to use them they failed.

I contacted Asus on this - after many e-mails they sent me a link for a new version of the recovery DVD program. Even when I used this I still had errors creating the recovery set. In the end I gave up and found an iso for my model, this, plus the driver disc means I'm ok. Asus refused to let me buy a system dvd (they're sold in the US but not elsewhere) - great laptop, crap service

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