Windows 7 HP Officejet AIO...Scanner Twain Drivers Do Not Work


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I'm working on 7100RC 64-bit. I have a HP Officejet 4215 All-In-One. I installed the full HP software downloaded from the HP web site for Vista 64-bit for this AIO. It appears to install OK, but the scanner does not work from the HP Solution Center (Digital Imaging Monitor) software which use the TWAIN drivers (I think). I can however, access and use the scanner by using another application - Adobe Acrobat, for example - by choosing to use the WIA drivers. (If I choose the TWAIN drivers to scan in Acrobat, the operation dies.) Using WIA from another application is a workaround, but I would prefer to use the HP Soution Center because it gives me a lot more flexibilty and options. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times with the same results.

Anyone else experience this or have a fix? Thanks in advance.
The scanner won't work with the HP software but will work with Windows Fax and Scan in your program menu. See the link: Link Removed - Invalid URL