HP Pc wont boot


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i have a hp pavalion 500 pc series. Model No H6U60AA#ABL So i left my computer on and i went somewere but when i came back there was programs open and a lot of error messages but there was no one in the house.I had norton on. I could not ctrl alt delete or shutdown or do anything. So i holded the power button when i turned it back on it was "Diagnosing your pc" and then it got stuck on "repearing disk errors" the hard drive light thing was not even blinking. i left it the night but when i woke up it was still on "repearing disk errors" i turned it off and i turned back on and i hold f11 and i went to hp system restore. I restored without a backup and it got stuck on 1%. And now i have no idea what to do please help. I called hp support and they told me that i need to pay 60$ For them to support because my warrenty expired and of course i said no.


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Sounds like, you may have a hard disk issue, at least.... from the information given in your post.
Do you have the means to diagnose the hard disk? Maybe by removing it from the current system and attaching it to a second system either internally to a secondary disk controller or by means of a USB dock or cable kit.
This method may also allow you to rescue any critical files from the drive.

Depending on the hard disk manufacturer you may be able to obtain a bootable version of their diagnostic software.... for instance, if it's a seagate hard disk then you should be able to use http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/
SeaTools for DOS.... Which I'm pretty sure is bootable and works independent of any Operating System.


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The fact that it froze doing a factory reset probably means that Trouble is right about a disk issue.
It should be able to access the factory reset partition.

Remember that doing that will wipe all the files on your computer, if it does work.

If worse comes to worse and you can't get your computer to boot without a complete reinstall or new drive, and you can't plug the hard drive into another computer...

You could try creating a Ubuntu disk on another computer and boot your computer to that.

If you hard drive is readable you should be able to access it and if nothing else back up your important files.
It's an easy process to make the disk.

Just download the .ISO file for Ubuntu....


Pick the 32 bit if you don't know what your computer is, you can use the 64 bit one if it's appropriate.

Once you have the file burn it to a CD or DVD using ImgBurn...


Select the "Write Image File to Disk" option.

The disk should boot your computer and let you see your hard drive, if it is readable.
If it continues to try and boot to Windows enter the bios and set the first boot device to the DVD drive.
Most computers are set this way be default so you probably wont need to do that.