I am getting serious lag. Thinking of getting out of W7

I am having serious lag on my W7.

I got a Performance Index of 5+ on my video.

I have a Dual Core 2 at 3.0 mhz.

I always have VMware and Avast running.

It just lag. When I open IE, it lag. Going to VMware, it lag. In Window Explorer, it lag.

Anyone have any idea?

Something is not installed correctly because this OS is not known for being slow and your specs are plenty fast enough for 7.
Could you check device manager for any driver issues (yellow exclamation points)?
What chipset are you using?
What video card are you using?
How much and what type of RAM?
Have you checked for laginess without VMware running?
Sorry for all the questions but that is the nature of troubleshooting: asking questions until one leads to an answer.

Here are no yellow ! on the device manager.

I have the Dell XPS 420 and memory is at 8 MB.

I download the video driver from nvidia for W7.

I though I throw it out there and see if anyone notice any lag in their machine.

I will investigate more.


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What have you got running under the startup tab in msconfig?

MSFT Mobile Device
Gizmo Drive (Virtual CD)
VMWare Workstation
Adobe Acrobat
FileZilla Server (FTP)
Gizmo Central

I'm going out on a limb and assuming that to be 8GB of RAM not MB. When you installed did you have all that RAM in place 7 is VERY touchy about RAM being cleanly seated you could try re seating it all and after all else fails i would re install 7 with the minimum RAM i could and the re install it after.
In your hunting check Task Manager for CPU spikes and what they are attached to. Also look at your memory usage and page faults.

I have a XP using VMware.

I use WinRAR from my computer (W7) to go there thru share drive and try to unRAR something.

It just hangs.

Already put WinRAR in Vista mode.

My HP Scanner software will not run in W7 either even when I put in in Vista mode. It just hang.

My HP Laserjet will not print and it hangs in the queue also. I had done the work around.

I think if you want to run W7 by itself, it maybe fine.

I think I am in a bit of rush to install W7 RTM. I do like W7 very much.

Your thoughts?


My CPU went to 100% when I click on one of those shared XP folder (running Vmware).

I can see the green bar at the top of the window explorer just keep on moving ever so slowly towards the right.

Any Vista software should work in W7 ? It is already running in Vista compatablity mode.

My lag and jitter go away when WMware is not running.

How can it be? Its a 32 bit app. But it is quite intensive running due to 100+ torrents running.

My hard drive is making alot of noise when its running too. But I have isolate that to another hard drive away from the OS drive.

I never have this lag or jitter while in Vista.

Any time your running anything inside a virtual machine your going to get a performance hit. If your noticing a hit larger than you experienced in vista then there is a problem with your virtual machine application. I would check with VMware about this issue perhaps there is a version more compatible with 7 64 bit? It could be that you have to much RAM allocated to VMware not leaving enough for 7, that would explain your disc access as well.

I only allocate 1.5 GB for Virtual XP memory. I still have 4 GB free memory.

I just defrag inside the Virtual XP and I notice it doesnt access the hd as much anymore.

I google about lag on the Vmware with W7 and there is no info about it.

Things had improved.

I am going to install W7 again.

This time I am going to install it and Office 07 and activate it once, then I am going to make an image of it.

I am going to do that 100 mb recover hidden thing too.

Then I am going to install VMware and see if there is any lag.

Now with 2 instances of Vmware running, it has become un-bear-able.

Hey, so far things are looking good after I do a new install again.

This time I took an image so I can always go back to it.

I think I know what the problem is.

I'll let you know in a few days.

Question for you ...

Does having a USB reader with memory card in it cause your PC to lag?

it will not

I am noticing when I lag, my processor spike at 100% until its over.

I notice also, when it lag, I can hear and see my internal hard drive spins for the duration, then the lag is gone.

I have defrag my hard drive everyday and also defrag the virtual OS inside Vmware too. This virtual OS(XP) got 80% of memory left.

Audit logs no error that I can find.

Is there any intel drivers I have to install?

I am noticing when I lag, my processor spike at 100% until its over.

I notice also, when it lag, I can hear and see my internal hard drive spins for the duration, then the lag is gone.

I have defrag my hard drive everyday and also defrag the virtual OS inside Vmware too. This virtual OS(XP) got 80% of memory left.

Open task manager to the processes tab, (be sure to click show proceses from all users).Click the column that says CPU to order the processes from the highest to lowest and when you see what process is using the most during the spike.

Thats a great idea.

OK, I just did that exercise with show processes from all users.

When my CPU is at 100%, these are the process that ran at the top:

* Vmware Workstation VMX
* NT Kernel & System (this one is at the bottom half and show up to 1 or 2 when it happens)

Anyone know what is going on?

I am going to try this Bill's software called Process Explorer and see: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx

Just downloaded and look at it. But what to look for?

Should I go on further or just go back to Vista x64 for now?

I spent the whole day yesterday installing/uninstalling between W7 and Vista. In the end, I do not why two image software I use do not work with W7. I just dont know what it is. But the rescue cd work on my laptop and the other desktop(both on W7). My drive on this machine is a blu-ray dvd burner combo.

Anyhow I am almost back at where I was from my first post.

Everything is working fine so far.

I am leaving doubt that any Microsoft softwaree had anything to do with this lag.

The only thing different that is installed on this machine compare to the other 2 machine that also run in W7 with the same image is :

* FileZilla Server
* Macrium Free
* Gizmo drive

SO, my other two machines are running fine without any lag because these 3 software are not installed.

So any ideas?

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