Windows 8 Internet keeps freezing / Admin priv?


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Nov 21, 2012
Hello all,
After spending 5 weeks with several parties, I'm going to give this a shot..

I went from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro.
I did a new install (Reformatted HD etc)
So after Windows 8 installed with nothing else.. I am having problems with Browsing Internet / Network(?)

If I google something and open up like 10 links, 4 of them keeps stalling with "Waiting for ......" at the bottom
I need to close the browser and after sometimes after 5 - 6 tries, I am able to get a webpage again..

I tried updating all the drivers for Windows 8 (Intel N-6250 Wireless Card).
Also I tried hardwired, and also the same problem.
This is driving me completely insane.. Spending weeks on something like this...

I do have a router, Cisco E3000 I believe... could that be causing a problem as well for Windows 8 ?

With Windows 7, I never had these type of problems.

Any help, tips before I throw Windows out the door are welcome

2nd problem is, how to get rid of those annoying messages about I need admin priv. for copying / moving files.
All I do is hit OK for Agree and it does it's thing. The whole Account priv. is turned down..
and I know for a fact that I am an Administrator, but in Windows 8 it's not really an admin anymore..
Cause If I install something, it does it different as when I right click on it, and select install as Admin.
In Windows 7 Admin = Admin..
Now in Windows 8 Admin <> Upper Admin.. (hidden account).
Is there a way to get rid of that?

Thank you all
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