Laptop Cannot past to Windows Screen, forever Loading Bar Screen

Hey all, I'm new here
I am using Compaq CQ Series notebook. I just copy some data from CD/DVD room a couple days ago, and next day when i start up my computer, there is eternal loading bar windows screen.
I have try some effort to fix this :
1. I select "Last Known Good Configuration", and still stuck at loading screen windows
2. I select "Safe Mode", and stuck at crcdisk.sys
3. I proceeded to reinstall the windows from Vista CD who come with the laptop but it won't running
4. I try to install from USB port and select F9 before windows loading bar, and choose the my USB name in "Please Select Boot Device", and the screen show "Error, Press Any Key to Continue"

Now I cannot boot my com. The booting always gets stuck at the loading screen, where the green bar keeps moving.
Any one have any idea that I have not tried to fix this problem?


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When you try to boot from CDhave you first set the bios to boot from the cd device?

Yes I have. I was select F10, and set in Boot Setting Configuration
I choose CD/DVD Drive, am I right?


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You have two main ways of recovering your Vista system:

1. You can recover from the recovery partition on the hard drive by pressing F10 as you describe immediately after turning the power on. This brings up a recovery menu. From the recovery menu select either a standard recovery or a destructive recovery. For a standard recovery select "Next," and then click "Yes." Follow the instructions from thereon. If you do not get the recovery menu by pressing F10 (try a few times to make sure you are getting it right) then you can try the second method:

2. You can do it from the DVD. To do this you must ensure that your bios tries to boot from the dvd before trying the hard drive. This needs you to set the bios boot priorities so that the dvd drive is first in the list. To get into your bios settings it may be one of the options when you press F10 (as above) or you may need to pres the esc key during startup. Try both options. Once in the bios settings go to the boot menu to put dvd at the top of the boot options list.

I just give up, i try to buy a new HDD
Change it, and install Windows 7

I think Windows Vista is worse than Windows XP
Because before this case, i have reinstall that windows with DVD
Just walk 3 months, this bad thing come again and again

I will sell this Laptop if it broke again
the repair cost is more than buy cost, how jerking it is? :down:

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