laptop goes to sleep mode when lid is open

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    Hi All,

    I am using windows 7. I have a laptop connected to two monitors. Earlier, I use to close the laptop lid
    so I choose the option from the control panel ->power option to have the laptop sleep when the lid is closed, but now,
    I opened the laptop lid and I want the laptop to be on, but it is still sleeping. I selected the option to do nothing from the control panel->power options menu,
    but still the laptop does not turn on.

    Is there any way, my laptop does not go to sleep along with my two monitors.

    any help will be appreciated.
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    The situation that you are describing is actually normal and default behavior for some laptops now, but different for others, which makes it much more difficult to isolate. For example, it is required that you turn the system on from sleep/hibenation when you open the laptop lid on a number of devices with keyboards that cover them now.
    • Windows 10 has a design integration for tablets that have detachable keyboards and touch screens. For example, on the Surface Pro 3, some people claimed that this was the "thinnest keyboard in the world". The system coming back from sleep when the lid is still closed would not be ideal.
    • Many claim this is an upgrade problem when going to Windows 10. Another good example would be a large, older 17" Asus laptop which does require pushing the power button to resume from sleep when it didn't before.
    • Their may have been custom power management software that allowed for this, which needs to be updated. The manufacturer may have updated power management software for your device.
    What kind of laptop (make/model) do you have?

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