Laptop will not hold a WiFi connection.

For some reason my laptop will not hold a connection to our WiFi. It started as soon as we set everything up with Charter, here's what happens.

I'll be on my computer everything is fine, then all of a sudden I'll get a limited access notification on my computer. All I have to do to fix it is disconnect and reconnect from the wireless connection and everything is fine again. It's really strange. What would cause this?


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Examine your ip configuration. Goto command prompt,enter the command ipconfig /all and if you need help interpreting it post the output here.


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Is it whilst you are using the connection, or only if you are using something on the computer?
If the latter, it might be this. Open the device manger and select your wireless device. Right click properties and then the Power management tab. make sure you have the first item "Allow the computer to turn off...etc" , UNticked.

Yes, it happens all the time as I'm using the connection. Streaming for example will be fine for a few minutes then I have to disconnect from my WiFi and connect again to get it to work.

What would you need from my ipconfig? I'm not posting everything from that onto a forum.


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I would check your router out. Had the same problem and to replace my router with a newer one.

I have another router on hand, I can give that a try. Thanks.


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Windows 8 and especially Windows 8.1 are notoriously known for intermittent wifi drops. I've experienced this madness...and it's annoying to say the least. Just make sure you have the latest wifi driver from the hardware vendor...not from the PC or laptop. Depending on vendor, mine is Intel....I had to use the old windows 7 wifi wimax driver for mine to finally stop dropping. Even though Windows 8 had picked up and installed a newer version on install. Then I updated to the latest and it seemed to make it I ended up going back to the windows 7 version and all has been well.

On the router side of your issue...try rebooting the router by unplugging it from the AC outlet. If that doesn't help, try a factory inserting a paper clip into the tiny hole in the back of the router....holding down the reset button on the inside until the router turns reboots, then remove paper clip.


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Okay, I've been through this before. I found out it was the wireless card on my HP. I took it out replaced with another new card and it did the same thing. I now have a USB wireless thingy which can be had for about $10.00 if you look hard enough and that ended that. It's not you router, it's not your IP config, it's a faulty card. HP is notorious for this, just do some searches. Othe notebooks or laptops have the same issue.'s cheap enough to remedy. Good Luck!


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I'll be on my computer everything is fine, then all of a sudden I'll get a limited access notification on my computer.
All good suggestions so far, but the limited access you refer to means you are getting a yellow triangle on the Wireless icon? If so, you might want to watch the lights on your modem to see if any start blinking. If that is what you are seeing, you should still be able to access your own internal network. Do you have Digital Phone also?

Outside things can influence the wireless signal. If you were to be around a microwave, it might have some effect, or some other signal like Bluetooth of another transmitter or power cable causing interference. Some other device trying to use the same IP address might be involved. Have you been able to tie any type of activity or time of day to the problem? Your Wireless icon is showing a strong signal?

Are you seeing any messages in the Event Viewer?

Ok I should mention that I have other devices and laptops that do not have this problem. All are connected at the same time as my PC laptop. A Macbook, an Xbox 360, An Xbox One, a Wii U and two Cell Phones all are using the same WiFi signal without being disconnected. This is specific to my Sony Vaio laptop running Windows 8.1.


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Well, there you go. Now try another wireless adapter, you can even leave that one in your machine and disable it through device manager. Borrow one if you can and your troubleshooting will be a lot closer.

Why would it be the wireless adapter when it has no issues with any other network other than this one WiFi connection with Charter? When I'm connected with Comcast, AT&T or any other service provider it doesn't do this. This is however the first time that I have connected with Charter so I'm not sure if it has to do with them either.


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I just thought it might be a good thing to take out of the equation. I'll bet you don't lose the connection when your hardwired.

Have spent countless hours trying to resolve this problem --- my Sony Vaio simply would NOT pick up a wifi signal right beside the router.

Changed Drivers up an down --- removed the adapter and reinstalled it ---- NO change

Read every bit on the web about the issue --- netsh.exe resets etc ---- NO change

Finally found a glimmer of hope --- apparently 2013 version of ZoneAlarm could be the culprit (not compatable with Win 8.1)

Updated Zone Alarm to 2014 edition and miraglo wifi recognised again --- Hope this helps somebody


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I've used ZoneAlarm for a few years in the past. I got rid of it when the security features became so tight I can't even access my own network.


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OP, does your wifi device manage your dhcp?

This could be as simple as having an ip conflict… especially if you run an external hyper-v switch from that machine.


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I have recently run into this on my laptop every now and then, using the internal wifi. I recently bought a Netgear 600 usb WIFI. Plugged it in and disconnected the internal WIFI. Problem disappears for me anyway, and I get a faster internet connection. I understand the wireless chipset I have is not the greatest so, this solution works nicely for me. It is a usb 2 wireless connector. I personally anyway, have yet to find a usb 3 wireless connector; and do not have any knowledge whether that would be a better solution or not.

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