Major problems after "Factory Reset"

I'll just give you the flat out story:

I one day wanting to Factory Reset my Gateway Laptop to clean it entirely. Obviously I backed up some stuff I had to keep and proceeded on to factory reset. All is going good, and then during the factory reset, my computer shuts off. I turn it back on getting the infinite "installation failed, computer will restart and continue after". So I look for solutions off the internet and I come across on how to continue. Now the installation wasn't complete. Nothing what would look like a factory reset. Just a clean install of Windows, didn't come what it would look like if it came out of the box. Now I look for solutions online and I came across thinking that a new installation of Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (this is the OS that came with the laptop in the first place). I did so and the same thing happened again (not a smart idea) so further scrolling through the internet I found out that I needed to install the drivers. After doing so, it looked like everything was good and fancy. Then I came to installing the programs I wanted. Some if not most just randomly crash when they want to. This includes the browser, luckily during typing this it didn't crash.

So I've come for help on how to fix these sort of problems I've been having. Also I had an issue with my graphics driver. I installed the one off the Gateway website and then proceeded to install the one off the AMD website, which led to many blue screens of death and I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver from the Gateway Website.

In the attached files is the drivers I installed, NOT including the last two.

Here are the specs of my computer:
Gateway NV52L06u
AMD Dual-Core Processor A6-4400M
AMD Radeon HD 7520G with 512 MB Graphics System Memory
500 GB HDD
4GB DDR3 Memory


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You should not be having to go through all these problems running a clean install and searching for drivers when you have a bootable recovery partition. The fact that you are having problems suggests either your recovery partition has become corrupted or your have a hardware problem (possibly your hard drive). Try rebooting the recovery partition for a second time to see if it run correctly. If not then when you got the pc you should have created a backup copy of your recovery partition by burning it to a dvd. You should then be able to boot into recovery from that dvd. If you haven't then you may need to contact Gateway to purchase a copy of a recovery boot dvd.

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