Windows 7 Microsoft's Anti-Virus


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Kis user here..... It's been good to me over the years. Ive used ESET also. IMO these 2 are the best out there.


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Gotta disagree with you on number 8!! I recently installed MSSQL Server Service Pack 3 on our Development Database Server only to end up having to rebuild the entire environment I spent DAYS trying to figure out why all SSIS packages were broken and Report Server wouldn't serve up the reports the worked for weeks before the update.

This not the first time that MS has released a "touchy" patch and I seriously doubt it will be the last. Use caution when applying MS Updates and Test them first before applying them to production servers.


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For anyone here that calls norton a resource hogger has obviously!! never used the 2009 version. it has been proven to be faster then the fastest ones out there. and less resources then anything else.
I'm using it and I completely agree with u...


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I use Webroot Antivirus with Antiwpyware only b/c it is the only virus program that found and quarantined a self installed "key logger" and "spy" program (my own little test). N360 didn't pick it up, AVS didn't pick it up. WR is quick, updates every couple hours and works seemlesly with Win7.

webroot in the past has taken monies from companies like 180solutions to have their spyware/malware delisted as a virus. I quit using it a few years ago for that reason!


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You guys are talking about Code Name: Morro. It's going to replace One Care, except it's going to be free. I personally think it's an awesome idea and will keep a lot of people away from shifty AV providers and unnecessary resource hogs like Norton and AVG..
You work for Microsoft or Norton?? AVG is great. Been using it for years. Recommended it to friends whose computers were bogged down by that resource hog of all resource hogs -NORTON. Once they switched to AVG their computers were flying. The latest version 8.5 is already Windows 7 compatible. Check out their website and learn something.

I'm really surprised too - go check Virus Bulletin : VB100 results - Symantec Symantec's been doing quite well.

I am very biased against it though as my experiences with it stem from the pre 2000 years where Symantec couldn't pass the VB 100 to save its own life and it ran so dog slow it made my PC completely unusable :eek:
Norton has gotten so security heavy it will slow down any average computer. I was sold with AVG when I first switched to it from Norton and it picked up stuff that Norton has missed. That was a few years back and I'm still using it.
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Since I've been using Windows 7 beta, I have been using AVG Free for my anti-virus program. Over a 2 month period, I've had one root virus get thru past AVG Free, but was fixed by running SpyBot in administration mode. Not bad considering the heavy use my computer gets from me and a friend.

I'm looking forward to trying out Microsoft's new program.



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I'm a member of the "no AV" group. I haven't used any in years and haven't had a virus since I was a teenager. If you know what you're doing and you're careful you don't need AV. For regular people I tend to recommend AVG or Avast because it's free. I also recommend they run SuperAntiSpyware or MalWareBytes every once and a while for added peace of mind.

I enjoy not having to worry about any of the AV crap. Keeping your machine patched and using common sense will help you way more than any AV will.


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I agree somewhat. There's a lot of junk can i have your money out there. Yet, looking at my Trend Micro Firewall (not on windows 7) there are pings every frew minutes that have been blocked due to a good firewall.

Waiting Waiting Waiting for windows 7 gm and trend micro.


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Free will be nice if it lives up to it's competitors performance. I currently use NIS 209 and have no complaints. Not a resource hog, fast and gets top reviews for effectiveness. We'll have to see how it tests out. Personally, if it is competitive, I will gladly use this combined with the built in Windows Firewall and forgo paying $30 - 60 per year to renew my subscription.
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