My BSOD Thread

As for non-vital USB devices well I'm going to want this webcam working, because I like to take pics and send it to some people while I site here and type lol so
The idea of disabling the webcam is to test if this is the one that's bugging out through usbhub.sys. Then once the error has been identified you can reenable the cam and update its driver. Same purpose uninstall Kaspersky to reduce the frequency of your crashes so to make it easier for you to sort things out. At a later point once you've found and installed the updates, you can reinstall Kaspersky back.

Actually weird thing is, this is something I've figured might stop the crashes and have done before - disable the webcam device via device manager. It didn't do diddly though, but I guess it's the Kaspersky that was then the problem...still can't believe KASPERSKY's AV is contributing to this mess lol.

I will have uninstalled Kaspersky, disabled the webcam, and went to Dell's support hopefully before my next post.

Speaking of which how'd you know I have Kaspersky? :eek: I never said that but I guess the dump files reveal this?

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Speaking of which how'd you know I have Kaspersky?
Your crash dump shows you have Kaspersky. : )


Well called Dell who did a remote connect, then he used Dell Support Center to run diagnostics and nothing went wrong, so arranged a pickup (which I've done before and am familiar with) and an empty box will come etc. etc.

Also, Santa?

....first of all I'm a dude, and I just said in the last post a pick-up was arranged. Doing these steps here obviously won't be of much help. Apparently the integrated webcam is somewhat "detached" from inside (also heard Dell tech on the phone say this may be the case) and then there are my many other issues with the laptop (like the LCD display flickering and s*it) that Dell needs to fix. Laptop's gone now, and will hopefully be back by the end of this week. It's been gone for about a week also.

Did all of your steps from page 1 to 3 of this thread, actually. When it came time to get those updates from the manufacturer's site (Dell's) it somehow ended up with me giving them a call about the problem and they offered to fix it for free, what with my laptop still being under warranty. Of course being as busy as I am this time of my life I didn't decline the offer. :ohyea:

One of my favorite smilies on the internet by the way lol.

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Meteora said:
....first of all I'm a dude,
Woops, "Meteora" is a dude, sorry dude.

Meteora said:
Apparently the integrated webcam is somewhat "detached"
It don't matter what it is, the driver's old therefore update it or disable the cam in Control Panel > Device manager. Right click the web cam and disable it.

Meteora said:
Doing these steps here obviously won't be of much help.
See, there are only 2 causes of bsods - bad software (drivers) or faulty hardware. To troubleshoot a bsod means to locate the causer of it. if the cause is not 100% clear it is much and always recommended to take care of the software first.

Caused by usbhub.sys

How whould you proceed from here? Of course, not knowing much of your system, I can tell from this error that some usb device could be faulty. Besides, you say Dell said your hardware was Ok.

cybercore said:
The web cam and the LCD screen. If they are physically worn-out, or perhaps something's with your power supply, or something's got disconnected inside as a result of a drop, then you should send the notebook to the repairs. Unfortunately WinDbg never says that an LCD screen is broken and for sure needs to be replaced, we can't know this. We can't test the hardware for you over distance, we can't see nor feel it, but we can check the software part and likely locate if something's wrong with the hardware.

If you know the problem for sure then what would you expect from others who can rely on what you say and your crash dumps only?


tl;dr (well ok, I read it but still).

So I got a call today saying it's on its way back. I'll be back if it still has issues.

Let us know what it was, I bet something was disconnected inside.

LOL well guess's been screwed beyond belief upon it's return to my house.

Press the power button, and it turns on for 1/8 of a second. Few seconds later, it turns on my itself for said time period, then in an on/off pattern at random moments, whether your pressing the power button or not.

In each interval it is on, it's letting out this awkward high-pitched noise then decreasing in pitch, like something is frying electronically from the inside, and what do you know, I smell something burning from one of the side USB ports. Yeah Dell screwed the mess out of this laptop. They claim it was fine after fixing it from their end, then something happened during shipment for it to get messed up, but yeah...kind of doubt that. I mean what would have happened exactly, considering this box was not opened at all and they use very good foam padding to prevent anything from happening to the laptop in the box even if you threw it on the ground. Even if the fixing was done on-site (technician in my house) I think this problem would have come up after merely using the computer, picking it up and setting it down for a couple of weeks.

Oh well they offered to try and fix it again. Lol my mother pretty much got them to make an agreement between her and them that if this laptop comes back still screwy, that they're going to give us an identical one for free as a replacement. It's not really my laptop, it's my dad, but due to his language barrier I have to do most of this stuff for him.

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Good Luck. I hope they do right by you.

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