Windows 8 Need help diagnosing upload problems?


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Hi guys.

For the last few days I've been running into problems uploading files.
This is on Photobucket, Image Shack, to the Adobe Forums, and to a drop box service with a Indesign file of about 5 mb zipped.

A few of the files go through but most fail.

Some of the files that I haven't been able to upload are as small as 175 K.

Normally I upload large video files, sometimes as big as a couple of hundred megabytes with no problems.

My connection speeds seem normal, I'm running the Secret World beta with no problems either way.

I don't know where to go about figuring out what's happening since I've never run into this before. But It's happened a a verity of sites so I can't blame it on them.

Anyone have any ideas where to start?

Hi Mike,

Not sure if this will help, but, I had a similar issue with Photobucket and Image Shack a few years ago and I switched to TinyPic and MediaFire after noticing many members of the forums I was on were using them also and I haven't had a problem since.
Are the files of the same format?


Different formats and some are very small but it just stops after a while and times out.
I've used Photo Bucket for a long time with out issues, but I was also having problems uploading a small file to the Adobe forums.

This only started a couple of days ago, I have a 100 mbs connection and this kind of thing is't usually and issue.
But for the last few days I can only get a file to upload once in a while, one will go through and then the next one will fail 3 times in a row.

Is it a particular format that has trouble, or is it random.

Currently I'm having an issue with my internet cutting in & out and I keep switching my ethernet cables to a different port, I thought it was my ISP as we were having phone problems, but now it seems like my modem/router is going bad.
Have you checked yours? Or, have your ISP run a check.


I finally got it fixed, I started running ping tests and found my upload speed to be .06 mbs.
Pretty darn slow. LOL

After resetting and retesting my router 3 times the upload speed suddenly changed to 3.75 mbs.
Much better, my download speed stayed the same at about 25 mbs.

so everything is back to normal.