New Malwarebytes interface?


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I just opened Malwarebytes and it said that it needed to update.
It didn't give me any options to say no, just downloaded the new version, tried to sell me the pay version and when I said no it opened a new interface.

I'm always suspicious of stuff that just forced it's way in like this.

Anyone else seeing this?


I ran the scan, it found a lot more stuff then the old version ever did, so if it's legit it seems to work.
I'm considering buying the pay version, I've use Malwarebytes for as long as I can remember.

I guess I own them a few bucks and the pay version adds some useful apps to the standard version.

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No. That has not happened to me.
But my free version is, and I have not received notification to update.
I found your version in Malwarebytes website. I downloaded it, but I am not installing it until I see the notification.

Yes...that's the new interface....2.0. I'm running the new premium version aka pro version (paid). We all love it. The real difference IMO with the paid version is the real time great in conjunction with any AV. It also comes with a rootkit finder but you have to enable it.


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I checked it out and they have updated everything to the new look.
I ran it and it picked up some stuff that the old one didn't.

The only reason I was suspicious was that it just kind of went ahead and updated without taking my to the website and asking do you want to download and update etc.

I've had enough of those update and fix your computer messages that were a scam over the years I'm always suspicious.

I had a friend call me today who said that she had unplugged her computer from the internet, because she is still running Windows XP which isn't supported anymore.

She was at Walmart buying a backup hard drive to protect her files (I told her to do that years ago).

I sent her links to AVG and Malwarebytes along with CCleaner and EasyUS Todo backup software and told her to backup her stuff and plug her computer back into the net. LOL

Well at least it got her to finally backup her stuff, she is still using one of my old Dell XPS computers that I gave her years and years ago.

It's only a matter of time until it dies.



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yup... I like the new look (and new features) !



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Win 8.1 Pro Update 1

WARNING ................
About 2 hours ago, I installed the latest 2,0 version of Malwarebytes (free edition).
2 hours later I decided to create a restore point.
Restore point failed. I tried again and it failed again.
Image 8.png

The only thing "new" was the 2.0 Malwarebytes installation.
So, I uninstalled it, re-installed the older version
Then I went and created a restore point. It went through without a hitch.

My suspicion is ................ the new malwarebytes 2.0 version and Update 1 are not compatible.

Will the Win 8.1.1 members who have 2.0 malwarebytes installed please try to create a restore point and see if you are successful in doing so ?

Joe S

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It seems to me that the scan is slower unless the first one is slow like some AV programs do on first run.

My scans are about 3 1/2 to 4 mins mins. and clean as can be :)



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I was also running I had no notifications other than definition ones. Updated to the latest, after reading this thread. It ran normally, about 3 minutes on my Windows 8.1 partition, Nothing found (This is a brand new OS installation, of course). I don't have restore points enabled so cannot comment on that. - Don't they come up as a PUP?

Win 8.1.1
Malwarebytes free edition ver.
Just created a restore point and it was successful.

I am going to install the 2.0 Malwarebytes, and then try to create a restore point.
If "create a restore point" fails again, I have to say there is a compatibility issue between Malwarebytes 2.0 and Win 8.1.1

New malwarebytes 2.0 installed.
"Create a restore point" is successful.

The only difference between this time and last time was.............
last time after install I ran a scan, 3 PUPs were detected. They are all about Google Chrome which I had uninstalled long ago. I did not remove the PUPs.
This time same 3 PUPs were detected. I removed them this time.
Not sure if it is relevant.

At least I can create restore point, which is very important to me.


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If you have not purchased MBAM Pro (the old version) yet, you need to hurry before supplies run out. After that, you will only be able to buy MBAM Premium and while Premium costs less and is good for 3 PCs, it has annual renewal fees. No more Lifetime licenses. :(

MBAM Pro still has "Lifetime" licenses. So even though Pro is good for 1 PC only, it is a 1 time cost and it really means free upgrades for life. Plus, you can transfer it to a new PC, when that day comes.

FTR, I use MBAM Pro with MSE on all my W7 systems and MBAM Pro with WD on my W8.1 systems. Together, with Windows Firewall and some user-discipline to avoid being click happy, they make a formidable defense.


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After years of using Malwarebytes I finally did the right thing and paid for it.
I now have the pro version with active protection.

I feel better now!

Since I did get the new version I'm going to install it on my wifes computer as well.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the third version unless I buy a Windows pad?
I suppose I could install it on my friends computer I don't think it said what 3 computers you can install it on?



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I suppose I could install it on my friends computer I don't think it said what 3 computers you can install it on?
That would be illegal. Read your EULA again. I extracted the following,
2. Restrictions....Except as expressly specified in this Agreement, you may not...transfer, sublicense, lease, lend, rent or otherwise distribute the Software to any third party... .
So, just hang on to the keys. You may get a 3rd computer some time in the future.


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Well I've been thinking about buying a tablet of some kind but none of the Windows tablets seem to have what I want.
The high res screens, and cameras, etc. all seem to be Android or Apple.

And the Widows tablets are more expensive.

I keep putting it off, because I can't decide what to get.


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