New to Windows7 new to this forum

Hi everyone

I bought my first laptop last week after using a desk top for 20 years or more. However please don't think i'm some expert, my learning curve never really got going :razz:

The thought of a new computer together with wireless router and wireless printer with a new operating system was nevertheless exciting. What a dissapointment :(

The first major dissapointment was the lack of literature, everything on line. That's all very well but if your old machine has crahed and you are investing in a new one you are not on line until it works. Fortuneately my wife had insisted on me having assistance (techfriends) at a cost of so much a month and although in my mind I should not need them (being an old hand) I relented.
Thank the Lord I did. Nothing seemed to do what it was supposed to do!
I found an ikon for a manual for my computer on the desk top but like to read manuals on paper and that meant the printer had to work. The software to install the printer failed miserably . All this time the antivirus seemed very invasive.

A time to reluctantly resort to Techfriends, after a very very lengthy phone call they managed to get the computer to accept the fact that the printer existed. (I hadn't realised at this time that the drivers still hadn't been installed.

Email was my next priority and what a game I had with that. My program of choice is Thunderbird but it it just would not work or it would then it wouldn't. A call again to Techfriends, who dissapointingly said they were aware of 'issues' with windows 7. 64 bit compatability with thunderbird and best not to use it. I naturally asked what they recommended and was astonished to hear them say only gmail had been reliableand that's what they use.

I still had this suspicion (and it was not based on anything except intuition) that the antivirus was at the root of my troubles, (afterall I had been using Thunderbird on 64bit system previousy and had no problems at all)
I took flyer and removed Bullguard replacing it with Avast and lo and behold no further trouble.

This may be valid or not, it's telling it as it is.

You're welcome to comment.



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First of all welcome to the forums - hope you find your time here interesting and helpful. You seem to be getting to grips with things. As far as antivirus is concerned I used AVG and Avast (both free) for years. I wouldn't have bloatware like Norton anywhere near my pc! I also used pcTools (also free) firewall. But now Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Security essentials (you've guessed it - free!) and that's all I use now in conjunction with the Windows firewall. Have a look at MSSE here:

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1611.0 Download -

Once a week or so I run MBAM (yep - free!) to make sure nothing has crept under the net:

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware: Malwarebytes

Nice to hear from you and may I express my thanks for your suggestions. I didn't hear about this Microsoft essencials but there again up until now I have been cruising along not paying much attention.
Thanks again


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When I moved to Windows 7 64 bit I had some problems with Thunderbird as well.
I switched to Windows Live Mail and I think it is a big improvement over Thunderbird.

I like the way it displays your mail on the right side almost the full hight of the screen instead of at the bottom. It has many other features as well.

I didn't have any trouble setting it up with 3 different e-mail accounts, it did is all automatically.
You might give it a try, it's free.

With the exception of my scanner I have found Windows 7 to be very good about finding drivers for my hardware. There were no 64 bit drivers for my scanner.

Don't forget to back up your computer once you have everything set up and running.
I would suggest an external USB hard drive, they are very cheap now and you will have the security of knowing that you can be up and running again if things really go to pot.

I Have one that I have 2 computers backed up on, both mine and my wifes, just plug it into the one you want to use it with.

Welcome to the forum, I have gotten a lot of help here!


I' m new here myself, but Im comming off a 3 year MS hiadis (even though Im a certified tech is all things MS) I used linux I like windows 7 and for my presents needs if fits better.

As far as free software goes when it comes to Windows Im more of a fan of more solid comprehensive software like Eset or kaperskeys. Mcafee and Norton are just as bad as any spyware or viruses to a systems performace I have ever seen. Malware Bytes is a need, not a want. Its one of the best tools of its kind. Free apps like glary works for system cleanup work just about as well and any other system clean up tool.

I install free security software on my clients computers for their protection, but I recommend otherwise. You can use free security software if your a bit more careful
then most, but my best and most frequant return customers use free software that never stopped the problems before they started.

Windowss 7 has some quarks as far as Its permissions and older software example, I use web design software that complelty malfuctioned until I gave it Administative privalges.
than it worked GREAT :).

All in all there are plenty of smart people in this group that can answer any questions and hope you enjoy your stay Im starting to enjoy mine :) good luck

The slacker man


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Welcome to both of you :)
Hope you stick around.


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Welcome to all new members. There is always a learning curve, but that is a great part of the experience. Once you have everything up and running the way it should be - things will start fitting into place. Do not give up hope by reading the questions here, as most people arrive because they are having issues. This does not include the 125 million people who own Windows licenses who have not had a single problem that we are aware of just yet. :)

Me using Thunderbird since XP but 7/64 and Thunderbird issues? no such thing for me!


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Hi again

Yes you do need Malewarebytes, but I would also recommend SuperAntiSpyware.

Just recently I had to bail out a friends computer from a bad Trojan. SuperAntiSpyware, found and got rid of it, Malewarebytes didn't.
So I have now started using both on my own computer.



When I moved to Windows 7 64 bit I had some problems with Thunderbird as well.
I switched to Windows Live Mail and I think it is a big improvement over Thunderbird.

I like the way it displays your mail on the right side almost the full hight of the screen instead of at the bottom. It has many other features as well....snipped

Hi Mike

My thanks for your suggestions and to anyone that takes the time and trouble to give the benefit of their experience. I feel I have aready started climbing that learning curve again and value your advice to help to beat that daunting slope.


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