Windows 7 No sound after restart


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We are using a ASUS integrated sound from Realtek. We install the Vista_R223.exe from the and we have sound after the first reboot. The Realtek icon shows in the system tray..........All good. Then we reboot and our newly installed driver has been replaced by a Microsoft version of High Definition Audio Device.
How can we keep this Microsoft driver from insalling over our working sound driver.
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Turn off Automatic Updates and choose Notify me but don't download them.

Go to Start > Control panel > Windows Update, click changes settings and enter them here.
Trun off Auto Updates

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After checking our settings we are currently using "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download them". I remember we set Updates to Automatic when did the clean install. Then installed the Realtek drivers. Then Microsoft Updates installed an update for hardaware - HDAudio.

I have looked for an uninstall for this driver update and found nothing might help,
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Im pretty sure if you do the roll back driver option, Windows will not reinstall its driver over the driver you have installed.
But failing that, you can goto device manager and delete the entry for your sound card and you will get a promt Delete driver from disk which will remove it from your system forever, and then you can reinstall your driver.

Let me know if you need more help on this.
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