No WiFi or internet. Problem with network adaptor.


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Hello all. New here and was wondering if I could get some help or opinions. I'm your average user, understand a bit but not an expert.

The issue- Three week old Asus laptop (X509UA) running Win 10, everything going fine but turned on yesterday and no access to wifi/internet at all. No option to even turn WiFi on/off. Running the trouble shooter returns the message 'Windows could not find a driver for your network adaptor'.

I looked online and found some help. Most of them say the same thing. Check power management and reinstall drivers. I tried to check the power management but couldn't find the section in device manager. I also tried to reinstall/update the drivers but it failed.

I'm a little stumped as to what to do now. Any advice would be appreciated. I've attached a photo of the device manager and what is under network adapters. Is the even an adapter there?


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You should definitely use your warranty service, your network card is damaged.

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Power management, right click the start menu icon and select power options. It also tells you the issue is a missing driver which is available from the manufacturer.


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Since it doesn't show up at all. it is either hardware disabled or damaged. Most likely the former. Look for a physical switch or fn+F# key combos that could be disabled.


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Thanks for the replies guys. The problem has been resolved but not directly through anything I tried. I tried network reset, DISM in command prompt and some other things in various settings and driver changes. After each thing I tried I restarted but it was the same. A couple hours later I just restarted the computer and magically it was fixed.

Thanks for your help.