NVIDIA 9800 GTX BOSD when playing Starcraft 2

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    Ok i have also done that ASAPI thing, and the modified date is today.

    Couldnt find the RIM one but i dont think that is the cause of the issue atm, and as its a clean install im guessing i may need that driver for my phone to sync.

    I know absolutely nothing about computer hardware, but i cant think of why i would be having a power issue, or a temperature issue in my pc now and not before; however, is there a way i can make the fans more powerful to see if this is the case? i know this can be controlled by the bios but i normally try not to touch things i dont understand :)

    I have been running my pc with the case open all day, next to a window. Temp of Graphics is sitting at 64degrees C (6 degrees less than with case on) but still goes to roughly the same temp when ingame. However even at slightly lower temps i get the blue screens

    Attached is also a screenshot of all temperatures and stuff on my pc SpeedFan.
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