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Windows 10 Photos


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Apr 15, 2019
Hello I have a question i wilt try to make it as understandable as i can. I have 2 drives drive C SSD drive D HDD. In May I had my windows operating system reinstalled . There was a filed called file history which I saved on the D drive in there was desktop and pictures I found some picture in there that i did not have, or thought so any way so i transfer that file to my picture file on the desktop and realized that i lost a lot of free space. on Th C drive where my pictures are stored, but actually the icon is on the desktop. Any way now there are a lot of duplicate photos that say UTC. and have a date. I am deleting the utc ones but it may take days MY question is if i finally remove all the duplicate utc files will i get my free space back to where it was . Before the transfer i had over 9000 photos some in separate folders i my pictures folder i have started deleting most of the duplicates UTC photo Please tell me that it will free up space on my windows 10 pc. The original original file that i had in my Pictures is now in the folded In drive D file History I am afraid to transfer it back or delete the pictures file and put the one in Drive d back on the desktop. For fear of losing all the pictures, I hope this helps tried to make it more readable
okey your desktop is the C drive and should not be used for storage ie., everything you put on your desktop is in fact stored on the C drive; I would personally leave the photos on the D drive because that will stop them getting wiped by mistake if you ever need to reinstal Windows... plus its generally best to keep the C drive as free as possible or Windows starts to act up

its just as simple to right click the desktop in a blank spot and pick new-shortcut- point to the photos folder on D