Problem with my Network Card


I just opened my PC and discovered something strange. I tried to connect to my Wi-Fi but I wouldn't work, so I searched for the problem.

After a while, a window appeared saying (sorry I am french, the traduction won't be exactly the same) : "Install a pilot for your Network Card. Windows did not detect any network card correctly installed. If you have a network card, you need to reinstall the pilot." The problem is, how can I reinstall the pilot of I am unable to download it from Internet? What do I need to do to pass through this problem?

Help me please! It'll be very appreciated :)



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If we had a clue as to what system you have or more specifically which network card you are using we might be able to help more.
Run the system information utility
Hold the Windows Logo Key and strike the R key and type
and hit enter
save a copy to your desktop (file save), give it a name
zip it up (right click, send to, compressed folder)
and attached the zip file to your next post and we'll take a look for our self.

OK! But the problem is.. I am currently writing with my iPhone.. I cannot send you the .nfo file :/ but what informations do you want specifically? I can retype them.

But my system is: Microsoft Windows 7 Édition Familiale Premium (I think it's Home Premium in english)

And my network card is:'s said she's installed but not disponible..?!

Hope it helped you to help me ;)


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What is the brand and exact model of your computer? Anyone here can help you find the right driver if we know what to look for.


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Open Device Manager
Expand Network adapters
Select then right click the problem adapter and choose properties
Select the Details Tab
Change the Property Value from Device Description to Hardware Ids using the drop down arrow
Inside the "Value" box you should see a couple lines beginning with PCI\VEN (as many as four)
Just right click any line and choose select all
Then right click any blue line and select copy
Now paste that into a text document
We'll need to see that in your next post or a facsimile. If you intend to transcribe it using your phone, first I wish you good luck and patience and second it needs to be exact without any errors.

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