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Hello, and thanks in advance to whoever responds here. Does anyone have any information about if Microsoft will release an ISO for the final version of Windows 10 come July 29th? I understand that they will release Windows 10 via Windows Update for those who have "reserved" a copy, but what about those of us who wish to make a backup install file for Windows 10 on USB or DVD? Also, would a product key be provided for these ISOs? Does anyone have answers?


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While we do not have a concrete answer, it was mentioned by a member of the development team that it will be possible to do a clean install if you are running the upgrade. So, in all likelihood, the answer to this question is yes.


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I don't know how true this is but found this in the comment section at the link below.

Windows 10 installation program will give you three options before starting the upgrade:
- Install Windows 10 and preserve personal files, software and configuration.
- Install Windows 10 and preserve only personal files.
- Install Windows 10 without preserving anything. This is not a complete wipe though, as Windows still saves some stuff in C:\Windows.old in case something goes wrong during the installation. For a 100% fresh install one should download the official ISO from Microsoft Download Center (once it is available), put its contents on a DVD or a flash drive and boot from there. That way the installer will give you the option to wipe the entire unit or partition before installing.
Hope this helps :)

Thanks for replying. Hopefully Microsoft will shed some light on all this soon.


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Microsoft is going to use a system were the upgrade will use the currently installed OS and its activation status to mark your system as licensed for Windows 10. But it is important you let it install as an upgrade and sign onto a Microsoft account so it can be registered with the system.

After that, it appears you will be able to install the same version of Windows 10, even on a new or cleaned hard drive, and it will be licensed just as an OEM system. If you are in the Insiders program, we might be handled on a different track than those not on the program. But I know nothing about the pre-register situation.


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The info in this notice...

( As long as you are running an Insider Preview build and connected with the MSA you used to register, you will receive the Windows 10 final release build and remain activated.

Once you have successfully installed this build and activated, you will also be able to clean install on that PC from final media if you want to start over fresh.)

But it doesn't actually say anything about an ISO file, just Final Media?

I was planning on installing it on another drive when I go with the live version but I'll have to wait and see how that's going to work.
It looks like I may have to upgrade in place and then do the install to the new drive afterwards.


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I believe it says media with which you can create USB or DVD install media. I can't think of anything except a .iso which could be used in this manner.

Update:,2817,2486435,00.asp (current as of 6/20/15)

Quote from linked article: "It's still unclear just whether Microsoft will let users create a clean installation ISO file for Windows 10 (or offer one itself), so anyone can reinstall the OS from a disc or flash drive at a moment's notice."

User comment by "mike921": "Yes MS, please don't screw this up - make it a downloadable ISO." (Yep.)

Can I reinstall Windows 10 on my computer after upgrading? Yes. Once you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade offer, you will be able to reinstall, including a clean install, on the same device. You won’t need to purchase Windows 10 or go back to your prior version of Windows and upgrade again. You’ll also be able to create your own installation media like a USB drive or DVD, and use that to upgrade your device or reinstall after you’ve upgraded.

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Thats good news for me as I may want a full reinstall of windows 10 after its registered to my system, as I plan on switching from MBR to GPT for better UEFI support on both my linux and windows OS's


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I am thinking of trying something different.
I have a licensed copy windows 8.1 installed on one HD under a Microsoft account which I will upgrade to a licensed windows 10 when available.
I have windows 10TP installed on another HD under a different Microsoft account which I want to stay under the insider's program.

I wonder if this will work.

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