recovery drive not seeming to be recognized

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by carbon shell, Jul 16, 2014.

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    My Acer Aspire A7600U-UR24 came with windows 8. I made a recovery drive by choosing "create recovery drive" in windows 8. After making the drive i installed windows 8.1 from DVD. Some time later I tried to restore it back to factory with my recovery usb. Every time I try I get "windows cannot find a system image on this computer" even though my flash drive is plugged in. I tried booting from the drive, doesn't seem to work. Not sure if my windows 8.1 version not being activated has anything to do with it (I installed 8.1 on 2 computers from the same dvd didn't realize i couldn't do that) . but I think I should still be able to boot from the drive. I need help.
    I was thinking if the problem is my flash drive, can I somehow transfer the system image from one flash drive to another?

    here's the screens:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]at this point there should be an option for windows 8 but there's not.[​IMG]
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    I'm not a Win 8 user, so I'm just guessing here. Which selection are you using in the first screen? The subsequent screen shots look like setup for Win 8.1. Typically, with a recovery disk, you select the drive (in your case, a USB flash drive), in a boot device selection menu (if you're in the right place, probably the first selection, "Windows boot manager"). If the flash drive is attached and functional, it should appear in the list of boot devices (you boot it, not open it after booting from the hard disk). The next set of choices you see would be recovery options. I would think that if the flash drive is detected and you select it and then it doesn't work (your suggestion that the flash drive might be bad), it would either produce an error message or hang the computer; it wouldn't revert back to a setup procedure. Maybe it's totally different in Win 8, in which case, hopefully, someone who is familiar with it will respond.
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    Well, I suppose I will try to explain this to you in this forum also. If you look at your fourth attachment, there is an option for RESET. That is the process needed to use the Factory Image on the Recovery Drive.

    Using the option on the fifth attachment, "System Image Recovery" cannot use that image.

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