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Windows 7 Removing http://start.search.us.com


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Jun 9, 2011
I have tried to set google.com as my home page, but keep getting the following website as my home page


I would be appreciated if someone could advise me how to remove this so that I can set up http:\\www.google.com as my home page
Glad you got it out. When installing programs, be careful with any possible attached other software. Some software come with a bunch of companions and, if you only click ok after ok after ok, you may end up with stuff you never really wanted. I'm not the Wise Man here, I've had it happen to me too.

End is well, all is well. :)
I had this happen last week, I was sure I didn't agree to download anything but a fix for Chrome but I ended up with a search page that hijacked all of my browsers.

Fortunately SuperAntiSpyware was able to remove it but only after messing around with it for an hour.
We have a saying in Finland, Locks are not for burglars, they are for honest people. Meaning, simply, burglars break locks when they hit one, whereas honest people stop when they meet one. Honest people seem to lack a component in their mind, the one saying that you should just get through the obstacle. :cool:

Sneaky they are, be they car thieves or it hijackers.
Hi, I'm Mary. First I suggest you to reboot your PC in Link Removed. Then reset your Chrome to default settings.
Click Chrome menu and select Settings.
In the opended window, scroll down to the bottom and click Show advanced settings.
Continue to scroll down and click Reset settings button.
In the confirmation box, click Reset button.
If the browser hijacker is still haunted you, check your Chrome shortcuts.
Right-click on your Chrome shortcuts on the Desktop or Taskbar and select Properties.
In the Target field, delete everything behind .exe" and click Apply > OK button.

Well, if you don't know how to do, this Link Removed will be helpful to you as it shows you the detailed steps as well as the corresponding pictures. Hope it works!

Security tips: browser hijacker enters the target computer mainly bundled with freeware or spam emails. I suggest you to download any freeware only from official website or reliable sites. When installing the chosen software, always select Advanced or Custom installation and deselect any additional programs recommeded to you. In addition, never open an unknwon email from unknown people. Hackers or cyber criminals prefer to distribute malware or virus through these spam emails. If you want to know more about how to avoid being a victim of cyber criminals, you may be interested in thisLink Removed.
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@Pauli: Howdy! :cheerful: Where have you been; haven't seen you in months. Hope you're doing well! Good posts here as always. Miss seeing you.