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Windows 7 Rev7100 - Monitor Rec. And Issues


New Member
May 26, 2009
ok, im on my brothers computer because my computer is in a pit..

ok first off my computer (notebook pc) has a broken screen, so ive been using external monitor(s) since it broke. that wall well before i got windows 7.... then i installed windows 7 and its worked for about 2 weeks.. then i was just chatting on msn, when suddenly... my monitor switched back to my notebook screen from my external monitor[1].. (i can see about 1/6th of the screen still(top left)) so i thought it was no big deal,

2.and i pressed my notebook's switch monitors hotkey (FN+F4) and my monitor screen went black like it should but my external monitor[1] stay black as well, and the light stayed orange (instead of green)... si im like "ok, np" and switched back to my notebook monitor. then i right-clicked on the desktop and went to screen resolution, and switched to my external monitor[1].

3.at this point im getting annoyed... so i restarted my computer about 4 times and did what i did in step "2."

4. then i saw the "detect" button in the screen resolution window, and i pressed it and next to "monitor 1" there was a box that said "another display not detected"... so now im getting pissed..

5. since i had another monitor (external monitor[2]) i unhooked my external monitor[1] {when i did this as sook as i unhooked the monitor cable, a message on my monitor said "cable not connected", and that tolt me the monitor works fine} and hooked up external monitor[2] then i did the same steps as i did in steps "2-4"

6. since when i installed windows originally it detected my monitor w/o and drivers or anyrhing like that, i decided to reinstall (i have recentlly backed up my hdd) so i pop my windows 7 disk in and boot from it (since i can see a bit of the screen) and it asks me for my language and i pressed "tab" twice then hit enter, then the box changed and i used my pointer to dragit to the top corner, then i pressed install now.. then the box dissapeared and after a few mins the licence terms box poped up, and im thinking "np i can just drag it up to the corner like i did before, then i can check the box"... boy was i wrong... now im stuck..

external monitor[1] = Envision 7100-e (Envision)
external monitor[2] = Acer AC713 (Link Removed)

Please, somebody help me!