Right click crashes File Explorer


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This is not a show stopper because I have learned the work-arounds, but it's highly annoying.

I often have 3,4,5 sessions of File Explore open at once. [old habit] I can use the keyboard to copy/paste, etc with no problem. But if I use the right mouse click to "copy" or check Properties, or anything else, file explorer freezes for a few seconds, then closes. In fact it closes all sessions and shows the default Windows screen [as if just booting up] and finally all the icons reappear. It takes about 15 seconds for the screen to return to normal.

Replacement mouse does the same. Right click works perfectly inside a file, like to copy text, etc, and inside every other program. Only in File Explorer does it totally crash, no matter if only one open or many.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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This problem is usually cause by bad third party shell extension handlers. Take a look at this article
See if a close reading of "Method 2" helps resolve your issues.


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Many thanks--it's a start. Ran ShellExView and there are 257 files. Where to start, eh?

My knee jerk reaction is to trust MS stuff. Well, for now.
That leaves about 100.

Then look at just "context menu"

That reduces it to "non-MS context menu" lines to about 40 or so--hard to count them.

Then disable five at a time until finding the culprit.

Might work--I've posted this problem many places over the last year and you are the first to offer a possible solution.

Many thanks!

MORE: no mention of it, but since this affects the reg, assume a reboot is needed to take affect?

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Generally I would click the column header "Company" that would sort / group all the Microsoft Corporation stuff together leave third party stuff above and below.
Regarding the reboot.... you're likely correct although experimenting after disabling might be worth a try.


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I haven't run into this on 8.1 as yet, as I do the multi-window file explore manipulation regularly for copying. Hope you find the solution and Post back! :curious:


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