Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?


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Right now I'm playing Conan Exiles.

I like the game so far, it's still in beta, and there are a lot of bugs but it's totally different then anything I've played before, being a pure survival game with no quests or story other then the one you create.

You can build structures from a hut to a castle, or a whole city, and you can recruit NPCs to work for you at some point.

But I'm still mostly running from crocodiles, and hunting monkeys and living on turtle eggs right now.

I did build a pretty nice house but I need to get tough enough to do more exploring and find some of the lost ruins and dungeons.



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I am still playing FIFA 16. I am a big fan of Soccer game. Can anyone recommend me any other soccer game?
Actually there are only two options available for soccer games on right now. The first one is Fifa and the second one is Pes from Konami. For me PES is better in term of control and fifa is better in term of gameplay. If you playing FIFA 16 and then why don't you try FIFA 17?


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I'm still playing Conan exiles but I've returned to rise of the Tomb Raider and the Elder Scrolls Online as well.

I've pretty much exhausted Conan Exiles for now, I've been at max level for quite a while, I have built a massive structure that spans a large area with many elevators moving between multiple levels and I've got so many thralls capture that I don't know what to do with them all, I had to build a jail to put the aggressive ones in.

they have added a lot of content to Elder Scrolls Online with the whole Morrowind expansion, it feels like returning home to be playing it again.


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I play Star Trek Online, Sim City, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Civilization 5 (I would like to try out the newer Sid Meier's Civilization game), War Thunder, The Ultimate Collections of Command & Conquer, and Doom 3.


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I remember STO... Romulan as a good SP story but once you hit the level cap its all very $ to play and that killed it for me