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Here's the new version.

After doing a clean install my C:\ drive is using 55 Gigabytes of the 100 available.

I've eliminated Hiberfil.sys, removed Recovery Image, and moved the Pagefile to another drive.

The thing that really puzzles me is how much space it used for System Volume Information.

IN WinDirStat it shows that it uses 0 space.
But when I run Defraggler it shows that it uses 18 Gigabytes.

I think that Defraggler is correct because WinDirStat shows total disk usage as 32 Gigabytes while Windows File Explorer show disk usage as 55 Gigs, as does Defraggler.

If you add the 18 from System Volume Information to the 32 for everything else and you get about 50 Gigabytes closer to the stats from the other programs.

I'm sure that system volume information shouldn't be using that much space?
And of course DriverStore, is still using 9 Gigabytes all by itself.

I wish I'd made the Windows 10 drive bigger to start with, but I'm leery of changing it now, I've run into trouble doing that before.



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You are probably aware that the System Vol folder is used to keep Restore Points, and some security features. Certainly, if you have a space problem, it is irritating.

If you have not, already, open the Control Panel (legacy) - System - System Protection, and disable all the restore points on your computer, unless, of course, you feel a need for them. .I use image backups so do not have that need. I think you will find this will reduce the size of the folder considerably, after a reboot.

You can also take possession by changing security settings. This is something to be taken with the utmost care, as it is locked off with intent. I do this routinely on a new installation. I am not recommending. This is mine, as an example.


P.S I should add that the folders you see are empty, delete by me.

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Hi Dave

That was it, I had totally forgotten about the restore point storage.
That saved me 20 Gigabytes of disk space.

My total disk usage is now down under 33 Gigabytes.



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