Windows 8 System cannot wake up from sleep; reboots.


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Dec 19, 2012
Hi there. Trying to figure out a problem. Running Win 8 Pro, 64bit.
I recently installed an upgrade of my BIOS. At first it took several tries to boot into Windows. That is now solved. What remains is the fact that when I wakeup the system from sleep, it only displays the pre-login screen (greenish, with the tower). It freezes right there. Thinking this might be a display driver issue, I updated it (Radeon HD 6480G). That didn't fix the problem. On some forum I read about a SAM file. My question is: How does it find it when I reboot, but not when the system goes from sleep to wake up? At any rate, how could that be fixed? Also, I don't know how to revert back to a former version of my BIOS. Have no idea where to find that info. My laptop has an Insyde board, and it went to version F.48, what ever that means. Thanks in advance for your ideas.
With this Radeon HD 6480G GPU, I'm guessing that this is a laptop with an AMD setup that has this APU processor. I've seen a lot of posts with similar issues and all those posts have one thing in common, the APU.

Could you please fill in your system specs, as detailed as possible. This will help us with the hardware aspect of your issue for any known or unknown problems.
Thanks, bassfisher6522 and usasma. Since posting, and not hearing from anyone, I have reinstalled the former BIOS update and restored my system to a date prior to all this. Now everything works fine again.
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