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    Hi. I'm trying to wake my win 7 pc from sleep (not from hibernation) using task scheduler but I'm having some problems. The pc does not wake up.

    I have set a task that has an action to starts cmd.exe and argument is "/c "exit"". Windows runs as a shell and apparently running windows as a shell causes the problem because if I let explorer.exe run normally, task scheduler manages to wake the pc from sleep. If I run win as a shell, the pc does not wake up from sleep.

    I would paste a link but as being new member here I can't so please google "how-to:make windows boot directly to Kodi (as a shell)" for more information.

    I want to run it as a shell because I'm using my pc as a htpc and I want that when I launch pc, it starts immediately kodi that is a media player software.

    Is it possible to run task scheduler without having expolere.exe running in the background?

    Thank you for your help!
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