Thanks for the 'help'.

Hi, I have just installed a Winamp plug-in (Holiday Dancer by WildTangent) but trying to run it, I get a black screen with a yellow upper portion where it says: "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted..." etc.

When I click the yellow bar to 'allow restricted content' the plugin crashes.

I don't even use IE, and have run this plugin on other PC:s in the past, no problem. How can I avoid having Microsoft getting in the way of my enjoying my PC with their 'help'?

Thank you :cool:


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Change your internet explorer security settings. Set them to lowest possible in custom mode.
Whenever you use internet explorer it will warn you about the low settings but since you don't use it anyways, that shouldn't be a problem for you.

Right, thank you Mitchell! I will up your rep :)


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Thanks a lot :)
Sorry I can't provide exact instructions right now, i have internet explorer turned off.


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He's not trying to remove the app he's trying to make it work.

Yes I am. I never had any problem with WildTangent stuff, why is it crap?


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Drew is saying this on contrary of popular belief that it causes problems and has viruses.
Personally I find nothing wrong with WildTangent, been using their consoles for nearly 5 years now.


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You'll never see anything from WildTangent in any computer that I own. There has to be a reason for their bad reputation. Besides I dealt with their crap years ago. never again.

A lot of different antimalware programs block it. Do you actually think that they are just picking on WildTangent for no reason? Get rid of WildTangent now.

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