Things to install after installed Windows 7

Andrea Borman

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Because I have a Netbook there is no CD drive. But I could always buy an external CD drive and plug it into my USB plug socket in my laptop and run it that way.

But I am quite lucky as on my Netbooks,I have three all of them are HP Mini 210. I have recovery where I can restore my laptop back to factory condition. That is put it back to the way it was before I bought it.

On my Netbooks I have got two recovery options-

Full factory restore-this restores my laptop back to the out of the box condition it was when I bought it. With all of HP's software and the original Windows it came with-Windows 7 Starter.

Minimized image restore-this also restores my laptop back to the way it was before I bought it. But this just puts back the original Windows it came with-Windows 7 Starter and all of the vital software needed to run Windows. Internet Explorer 8,Windows Media Player and drivers,including network drivers to connect to the Internet. As well as other Windows software but in this restore you don't get all of that unwanted HP software.So this option will suit those people like me who just want a clean install of Windows,without HP the makers software.

And I myself find that when you first get a laptop you do get all of that unwanted HP or Dell software that you don't need. When all you really want is just the Windows software. Not the commercial HP software that you have to spend ages uninstalling.

So when I bought my third Netbook a month ago,of course I had to go through the first time set up. But after that was done,rather than spend hours uninstalling all of HP's software that I did not want. I did a recovery setting it at minimized image restore. And this gave me a clean install of Windows only,without most of HP's software.

So I did not have to spend hours uninstalling all of that unwanted HP software,just a few items.

It would be handy to back up my files so I would not have to download all of my web browsers again from the Internet. But back up won't reinstall Windows,will it?

One of the main disadvantages in doing a factory restore is that if you have upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium or higher. After the factory restore it puts you back on your original Windows you had when you bought the laptop. In my case Windows 7 Starter,so always keep a copy of your upgrade key written down. So you can upgrade again,or you will have to pay for a new upgrade. Andrea Borman.

lots of good free anti virus out the but my fav. is ME.:razz:

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