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Jan 20, 2009
Hi Moderator (or is it Kyle !)
Just a suggestion here -- but obviously people are having a whole slew of problems with various Ethernet Cards / Routers / mother board / Laptop combinations and are posting problems in various forums rather than in one place.

This is just a suggestion but it could help not only individual users but also Microsoft since after gathering a decent set of data we could use Microsoft feedback to get them to sensibly have a look at the problem.

I'd suggest something relatively simple in a sort of EXCEL spread sheet type of format or just text in columns

1) Router you are using
2) Computer Make (If using a purchased computer)
3) Motherboard (if you built the computer itself or can find out what mother board you are using)
4) Laptop make (if using a Laptop)
5) Installed Memory (The Memory the BIOS sees -- not the OS itself. Note this actually has had an effect with some LAN cards --some work with 3 GB but not when 4GB is installed -- don't ask me why on this one but it does happen.

Wired Lan cards only -- Not PCI-Express, PCMCIA or USB==>LAN devices j.ust either the on board LAN or a LAN card attached to the main computer via an expansion slot.

6) What OS CURRENTLY using (XP/Vista X-32, Vista X-64 W7 X-32 W7-X-64 .
7) Nic Card (LAN Card ( there's another section for Wireless).
8) Driver Version reported by Device Manager on CURRENT OS.
9) Driver working OK or is there a yellow exclamation mark
10) Has this card worked on ANY OTHER OS (including Linux Distros)
11) OS used that this card worked on (preferably a Windows version even if it's Windows 98) if any
12) Driver version reported by the OS that the card worked on
Now wireless cards

12) Wireless Card adapter
13) Driver version
14) Driver working OK or yellow exclamation mark
15) OS being used
16) Has this card worked on another OS
17) name of OS
18) Driver version reported by the OS that it worked on.

If we could get some decent statistics on this we could find out whether the problems are confined to just a few router / NIC combinations are if there are more general issues.

If users could fill this sort of thing in I can get it off to Microsoft -- but we must have decent data presented in an orderly fashion to get the best attention and quickest response from Microsoft.

BTW great W7 Forums and useful --thanks.


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Feb 7, 2008
Well, I've actually been keeping "tabs" on different combonations experiencing different errors, and so far have found a few possible answers which have been discussed in each of those threads. Most of the problems I seem to run into, however, are driver issues, and only in the case where the PC will not install/boot Windows 7 have I found it to be an error of significance in which it had to do with a part/combonation of parts.

Most of the issues stem from users trying to venture out on their first tech experience with a beta product and no knowledge of an OS install. I don't think this is a good idea, and yet you can't really just say to an OS install newbie to stop, as you remember when you were there and the thrill of learning.

It'd do most of the users here good to pair up with a more advanced user to help them through the small steps.
But maybe that's wishful thinking. Haha.

As for your idea, while it's a good one, it may be hard to impliment and may end up in the end doing more harm then good, as most of the users here with problems have insufficient knowledge to provide some, if not most, of that information.

I don't think it's feasible at this time, but I want to say thank you for trying to help.
It's users like you that make the forums a better place.

Oh, and +Rep. ;)
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