Windows 8.1 Two most common hyper-v errors and what do they mean?


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This first one is the name too ip address… I simulated this error by simply turning off my server but it can also be caused if the ip address your computer tries to go to isn't the correct one or isn't recorded anywhere on the system… could also happen if the router doesn't know how to get there past your firewalls. Basically this error is a network failed has happened and means the hyper-v server at the other end never got your request.

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This second error only happens when the user name and password is rejected by hyper-v… the up side is that you know your network is setup correctly since hyper-v had to receive your request in order to tell you to bugger off.

The two most common cause ime of this error are;
1. Unlike the old remote desktop protocol that asked for a user name and password after connecting, remote management wants it up front. The user name password is set in your computer entering the server and with windows that is in
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Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager
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On a local network that is a windows credential and you need three things: a name (this is the name of the server), a username (you could use administrator but) standard practice is to make a user account and finally the password which is case sensitive by default.
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2. Hyper-v is a windows server and Microsoft just loves to change passwords on a regular basis… if your connection used to work but doesn't now then the odds are good that hyper-v wants you to log in locally to reset your password. You normally do this at the server i.e. press [ctrl]+[alt]+[del], type your old password and the server will prompt you to change it, then you go back to your laptops Credential Manager and update the password there and that keeps Microsoft happy.

You can change this password behaviour but most people don't and just leave it on the default.
another error I came across yesterday is access denied
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this error happens with remote management only is caused by having remote access unticked

as an admin
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right click My computer icon and select properties
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put a tick in the allow remote access box.
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save settings and refresh the MMC

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GoTo Run-> Type service.msc-> Services window will get open-> Check for Virtual Machine Management Service and restart it.Also restart all services related Hyper-v and check whether vm's is getting or not.