USB Mating Calls ??!! (so frustrating, I gotta make a joke about it anymore)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by TruthOrDare, Jan 10, 2014.

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    I dont know how else to explain it.... other than I think my computer is in HEAT !

    For the past two weeks, Ive been experiencing a problem with what sounds like the same sound you get from when you unplug a USB device- that sorta like a “ding dong” sound that happens in Windows 7.

    Sometimes the tones will occur just once, other times it can be one after another.
    No matter what ... my computer may lock up anywhere from less than a second to upwards of 5-8 seconds!

    The only thing that has been consistent so far, is the fact that it's the SAME tone as when you UNplug, a USB device.

    Does anyone know what else shares that same (warning/error) sound?
    I've unplugged all my devices, except for my mouse. – it still does it.
    I've switched mice – and it still does it!
    It “SEEMS” to do it more often when Im on the internet (I use Firefox) – so I killed all my add-ons. It still did it
    I tried Google Chrome – It still did it
    I used I.E. – It still did it
    I removed my USB Drivers and reinstalled them – it still does it.

    I have scanned for Viruses, checked my Device Manager, etc…I am beginning to becoming suspect to the possibility that I may have/am being hacked into – yes, Im paranoid, (but I have reason to)[be].

    The irony is while I was making the audio file for this (the attached file) – The computer was making it's mating call all through the INITIAL (first take) I made, which turned out to be poor quality because you could hardly hear the sound, - but once I increased my mic gain so you could hear the “Mating Call” better… the sound went away and has been gone for nearly half an hour. It recently started again, but only several times thus far. … In any case … I say all this to allow you more insight into my dilemma.

    If you have any idea as to why a computer suddenly starts making USB tones, .. Id surely appreciate your insight.

    I await any serious, competent conjecture … given that I've not given you much to work with.

    Please let me know what else you might like so that I can resolve this stupid tone, and locking up that I've had now for a couple of weeks.

    I Thank You in advance for your attention to this matter.

    (Attached is a file with the sound it makes - as well as my commentary. It was created with Audacity and saved as an MP3 file, which is obviously zipped.) - Thanks again.

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    There may well be a more scientific approach available but I would try going to sounds in control panel. First identify which event(s) generate that sound, then turn every one off and first see if it goes away. If it does then try turning back on one by one (perhaps even using a different sound to make it more obvious) until it returns so pinpointing the event which is causing it.
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    The sound panel is a good idea. It might be a hard drive going to sleep or some other device loosing connectivity.

    Are you seeing anything in the Event Viewer around the time of the sound occurring?

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