Vista's end of life and what to do about it

Ralph Bromley

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This topic is targeted at Vista users mainly who may visit here only for Vista support.

On April 11, 2017 support for Vista will officially end meaning that there will be no more security updates, no more official support from Microsoft period and you will be left with a unsecure OS.

I highly doubt Vista will get the same lifeboat that XP has as XP is still unofficially supported.

So what will a vista user do, for me there are three answers I can give you who are not sure what to do next after vista stops being supported:

1: Try Linux

Now I know what you are going to say "What is Linux?"

Linux is a alternative operating system to windows and unlike buying a copy of windows again Linux is free to use and try.

Its tragic that the mainstream user doesnt know what it is but yes there is another OS out there that doesn't conform to Microsoft or apple.

The easiest Linux i can recommend that will be on par with vista in terms of interface is Linux Mint

Main Page - Linux Mint

Its current incarnation is 18.1 and comes in two main flavors, MATE and Cinnamon plus there are other interfaces offered like KDE and XFCE.

All of these options seem confusing I know but each one of these choices offers something for someine.

KDE and Cinnamon are more for people who like a more modern look and feel while MATE and XFCE are more for older hardware.

If your Vista machine can run its graphics then KDE and Cinnamon would be the best option

Download - Linux Mint

Now yes linux isnt compatible with cerain software but I know vista holdouts only use it as it has certain softwares they like that cant be found in later versions.

But the good news is that you can dual boot, still use Vista for some of your software and use linux for your borwosing needs to remain secure in todays cyber crime filled market.

2: Go to windows 7

Now why would I put a windows solution under a linux one?

Well cost really, I know buying a new OS is pricey for some folks so with money on the line this is the second choice.

For the most part however if you can use vista you can use Windows 7, I know its interface is different but you have to learn some time a new interface if you buy another computer anyhow.

The biggest issue with & is getting a licence as it too isnt being fully supported by Microsoft anymore but 7 would be the next logical choice for a Vista user.

3: Go to windows 10

I am placing this option third as I know many have privacy concerns with Windows 10 but its also an option.

In terms of interface 10 will be a departure from Vista but since its Microsofts current obsession it would be easier to buy a licence for this over 7

4: Buy a new computer

Dead last is this option as yes buying a new PC isnt on the list for some users.

But you could get a preowned machine with perhaps something more up to date.

E bay is a good option for buying old computers that still work just be careful and it will be fine.

In any case this is a tough decision but the window of support for Vista will end soon


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