Windows 7 WANTED: Full resolution on my WXGA Screen


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The max resolution I can get my Dell D630 to display is 1200x800. I would like to be able to the full 1440x900.

It has a Nvidia Quadra NVS135 - running 185.2 vista drivers from laptopvideo2go. Ive also tried the 181.7 drivers for windows 7 to no avail. I've tried earlier versions as well. The only problem I see is that it recognized the display as either a plug and play monitor or a non plug and play depending if i use nvidia drivers or laptopvideo2go drivers.

The bios shows it as 1200x800 as the "native resolution" so it could also be some sort of scaling option. Does anyone know what the F is up with this thing. Thanks.

I had the problem in both 7022 and 7057.
There is a way to write a custom resolution for your driver, though I've never had to do it. Google custom nvidia resolution or something like that, I know there are writeups for it. Since it's not recognizing the proper res on it's own this is the only thing I can think to fix it until a later build has the issue sorted out.
Any ideas where I might be able to find some display drivers? I see nothing on Dell's site. Anyone else get the appropriate screen resolution out of a Dell D series laptop?

Anytime I try to create a custom resolution it just says test failed.