"We couldn't complete the updates..."

Hi Holdum, no, I have resorted to Reset (or Refresh) yet because I don't want to lose my Office programs.
Hi Texas this has nothing to do with Reset Refresh. This is a reset of your windows updates. Did you even click on the link to see what it does.:mad: This will not affect any of your Office programs!
Please read this very carefully!
Windows Update keeps Windows 10 updated by downloading and installing the latest updates, drivers, and hotfixes released by Microsoft.

Sometimes you may have an issue with Windows Update such as not being able to download or install updates, error messages, not being able to search for new updates, etc. These kind of issues can occur when the Windows Update database or components are corrupted, one or more services related to Windows Update are not running, etc.

Resetting the Windows Update components and history can usually solve these types of issues.

This tutorial will show how you how to reset and reregister Windows Update components and history in Windows 10.

You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to reset Windows Update.

Hi, yes, I did click, and it didn't say for sure, so I did some more research, and I read I lose my programs but not my files with Reset. I will check it out later. Thanks!

I give up Texas. Read my lips! This has nothing to do with Reset of your Operating system.
This resets your Windows updates. Why are you making this so difficult for me?
You are not clicking on the link I attached. You keep wanting to talk about Refresh- Reset which has nothing to do with Windows up dates.
I can't help you any more. You don't listen!! Your hung up on Refresh-Reset
Good luck my Texas friend:(


Hi friend! I can no longer help you with your issue. You seem to think know more about this then I do.
If you clicked on the link I have attached several times and you would get Refresh-Reset out of your head and post back your results.
You would see this deals with windows updates and has nothing to do with your operating system. You are not going to lose any thing by resetting windows updates
Good luck friend!

hope it helps
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just so he knows the difference holdum333
not telling him what to do ;):)

just so he knows the difference holdum333
not telling him what to do ;):)
No problem! I'm trying to get him to reset windows up dates, which is entirely a different deal then the Refresh and Reset that you posted, but he's hung up on the Refresh- Reset of windows OS. Here's what I'm trying to get them to try. Give this link a look Sandbox!
Windows Update - Reset in Windows 10

lol sorry i saw him asking what the difference was, in a sense would it delete my office if i refresh so i decided to let him understand the difference but your right is not getting it well
o yes, i saw the link my friend brink im a member in there
you guys must of seen lots of my resolved from there im a different nick cheers

Hi @Sandbox Yes, Shawn Brink is well know in the computer help world. I have been trying to tell Texas this Update Reset has nothing to do with the OS and will not delete any thing. It deals with fixing Windows updates and has nothing to do with the Operating System.
I'm giving up on this, because I'm just not getting through. It's resetting and fixing the windows update feature. I have been trying for several days now and my blood pressure is over 200. He won't even click on the damn link and read what it does even after I attach exactly what it does.
Thanks for your reply. You convince Texas what this does. I have tried every thing I know. I have attached screen shots and still I get the Refresh- Reset BS about Resetting the OS. Has nothing to do with Refresh-Reset! My patience has ran out!;):(

I encourage you to please follow the instructions given to you by
as far as I'm concern is the best advice you get thanks for your attention



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Texas, Holdum is right that is not a reset of Windows it is a rest of Windows Updates alone and has nothing to do with resetting Windows so no program loss at all. Please this is a great find and should work for you.

Thanks @RichM:up: I have never been this flustered in my 12 years of being on help forums. I have explained this fix by Shawn Brink every way possible and it just seems to fall on deaf ears. Thanks for your reply. I don't know if it will work for the OP or not, but it sure sounds like some thing to try. Maybe the OP will listen to you and Sandbox. I don't know what else say!
Thanks for your reply!;):)


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Glad to help when you are right, you are right Gary and I think your solution fits and that is all we can do is advise!

Hi FYI! Shawn Brink has a tutorial for resetting W7 updates also, but I haven't bee able to get anyone here interested in it either.
W7 is having a lot problems with updates, and this probably won't help that, but it could be some thing to try. Don't see how it could hurt any thing.;):)
PS I do get a little upset when I seem to get ignored and I apologize for that!
Windows Update - Reset - Windows 7 Help Forums


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We all get that Gary and the way I always handled it was to post "I guess I am invisible again" and let it go!

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the confusion. I have done the Windows Update Reset, and the problem remains. I have tried all the great suggestions you guys have give me in this thread (besides PC Reset or Refresh), and I really appreciate it.

Is there anything else I can try to fix this without losing my programs?

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