Website Desktop Shorcuts open half size and cannot create shorcut from favorites

All my websites shorcuts open in half sized window. However if I open the browser first and then I click same shorcuts, they open full size. I have searched this for a long time so just to let you know, the right click and then set to maximized isn't available on website shorcuts and expanding the window with the mouse while pressing CTRL key doesn't work either, whether you close with the X or with Exit or you open 2 windows, close the 1st one, etc....... all this doesn't work. Also I am not looking for a kiosk mode (F11 or - k or set registry key to yes).... Second issue is that the "Send to... create shorcut to desktop" from Favorites doesn't work. I get the "...could not create shorcut..." message.
I run W7 pro 64 bits with IE9.
Your help would be very much appreciated....
By the way, all this work fine in Safe Mode....

Thank you.

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