Westclox Automation or What Task Scheduler?


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After only 35 yrs in the general purpose OS business, MS cannot devise a reliable "wake from sleep" scheduler. The task scheduler can shut down, or sleep, but not awake with any hope of reliability. The BIOS can set a base "power management" start-up, but it is insensitive to refinements in USB devices, so a S3 event is a murky muddle and it becomes impossible to kill a USB radio mouse as the wake up device. If your janitorial staff bumps a table or desk with a PC attached, it will often shake the mouse and start the sleeping bleeping PC. Yes you can pull the mouse transmitter from the USB slot. Is this level of incompetence destined to be our norm in the ongoing obamaziod idiocracy?

Out of curiosity I went to a Mac X-Lion ios site, and looked at their "power management" options. Yes of course the Apple effetes use the "green weenie" trope as a cover for automated task scheduling, as if by choosing "environmentally aware" Apple products, their Commie Chinwah suicide slavery PC factories dumping tons of raw toxins into the Yangtse were going to make the slightest dent in the coming New Ice Age. Apple does have an easy to use well planned set of automated processes. Without resort to .bat files and nullard nonsense tasks, Apple simply provides the option to schedule start-up, shut-down, sleep, or wake in any combined series of events and or in coordination with a chosen application.

Now I've done it the American Way!

Put a batt powered Chinese copy of an old fashioned Westclox twin bell alarm clock on the desk next to the USB mouse. Set the alarm to "wake up" at specified time. Place the USB radio mouse on or near the old fashioned alarm bell. When the alarm goes off the mouse is shaken and starts the PC. I guess you could also use a smart fone shaker for this as well. Start a remote PC session with a phone call. Yeay - Microsoft rules!! Yes I'm having a little fun. No I'm not going to spend $1500 on a low-end Mac.

Does anyone know of a reliable way to "wake from sleep" on Win7 using task scheduler? Yes I've tried three different bat files and re-checked all actions and conditions in TS. Yes, wake PC on execution is checked. My automatic scheduled application will not wake the PC up either. Any known safe "freeware" that doesn't include attempts to install bot-nets, tool bar key loggers etc?

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